My Friend…..

My Friend…..

Tall and lanky, intelligent and dusky this girl had the ability to make you real uncomfortable just by her gaze. A rebel and a fighter. She was bound to be successful in her career. It was her personal life I had my doubts about.
Whirlwind romances had been a part of her existence from the moment she was capable. Never flushed by the end of any of them.
And then one day she fell in love. I know for sure she tried stopping herself. She hated being slave to any such emotion. But she had already treaded a bit too far into this relationship. And then they decided to get married only to face much surprised opposition at home. Fought and fought she did because she was so use to fighting for everything she wanted. God had some different plans for this troubled child of his. Seeing that nothing was working any more, she like a wounded soul decided to end her life. She took that big step.

She is alive. Yeah she was saved only to be on life support for more than 3 months. She doesn’t remember what she did or why she did.

I hated her so much when they told me. I still hate her for what she did. That energetic vibrant friend of mine is replaced by this lost girl who can’t even remember what she had for lunch.

And they guy in question – chickened out like it was always expected of him. He is now married and enjoying his new life. As for my friend, god’s troubled child, she has become someone with no aim no desire.

Is there anything to get that rebel back who did everything that our so called moral books defy? I do not know. Hoping some day I’ll delete this post from my blog and that will only happen when my friend will be able to understand what I have written.

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3 Responses to My Friend…..

  1. Ekta says:

    >Iya… this is so so so touching… !!! It really moved me to the core.I shal wish and pray for ur friend that she overcomes all that she has undergone…

  2. ~anu~ says:

    >I thought this was one emotion I would never be able to manage for your friend in question, but i was wrong, i feel sympathetic towards her. I too pray for her speedy recovery.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >It is like one of the worst things that can happen to a human. When one looses the will to live. I don’t know if I should say that Love is such a strong emotion that it overpowers the need to exist Or may be some people are just weak. But then they say, You cant know how it feels when you have never felt it. I just hope she gets well soon enough and be a rebel again to fight with life and not loose this time.Ankur

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