I have been trying so hard not to think about it. But those yummy Chocolate Donuts have now found their way into my subconscious with even appearing in my Dreams.
It all started that eventful evening when Aman and I decided to sit over a cup of coffee at Café Coffee Day to pass some time in order to beat that traffic before hitting out for dinner.
And since I was a little hungry I ordered a Chocolate Donut to go with my cappuccino and as they say rest is history.
Ever since then I have been having a Chocolate Donut each day, thanks to the Café Coffee Day outlet in my office.

Its not that I haven’t tried to resist, I have, and have been partially successful too. I say partially coz I have only been able to hold that temptation till maybe late noon or say early evening. But sooner or latter the craving exceeds the confines that I can control and I resign to fate and relish that Donut.
Those soft, creamy, Chocolate Donuts are the most sinful creation of mankind. And the feeling I get with each bite is nothing less than heavenly.

I am thoroughly enjoying this new found addiction and I will not give into the sanity of health freak.
So till this craving lasts… bring them on!!!!!!!!!

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One Response to Donuts…uummm…yuummmm

  1. ~anu~ says:

    >its an experience sitting in front of you and having you eat “those” (and not “it”, seldom those come singular isn’t it 🙂 )

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