Its about what you want in life!!

The recent decision of Rahul Dravid to step down as the captain on the Indian Cricket Team has made me go into a speculation mode.

My first reaction as many others was that of shock. Why would he do that all of a sudden? Especially after winning the test series in England. The job of an Indian Cricket Captain is no doubt one of the most high profile jobs in India. A position that oozes power and awe. I thought he was being coward. Shying away for no reason what so ever.

But a more relaxed thinking, after the initial rushed up feelings had died down, made me see the larger picture. What this guy has done is no doubt a brave act. It’s creditable of him to have given up a role of leadership for the betterment of team India.
Heard him recently say with a smile “I take great joy in doing whatever I do well,” and apparently captaincy wasn’t giving him that joy. And we can’t blame him for feeling this way. He has been through rigmarole in the past 2 years. This isn’t the rosiest of jobs after all. He has been blamed for wrong decisions. The system is not free of corruption and he has taken the brunt for that too. And somehow I also get the feeling that the team doesn’t trust and respect him. The job of a captain has been very thankless for him this far.

He has been a great player and few will debate that. I wish with this tiara of thorns now off his head we’ll once more be able to see his finesse in action on those green lawns.

Rahul has decided to be the solider in the winning army rather than be the king of a loosing Army. It’s a far thinking and a gallant one too.

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One Response to Its about what you want in life!!

  1. Aman says:

    >Somebody must have whispered this very rightly, in ears of our erstwhile captain, “Of all Stratagems, to know when to quit is the best!!”Rahul Dravid had just lead India to a huge win against England in the test series, we lost to England in one dayers but that to after we put up a great fight. To quit on a high is always a great tactic..Shane Warne did that…Glenn Mc Grath did.. Everybody knew they had some cricket left in them. Brian Lara didn’t do that and he was criticized every time his timid team lost. Dravid might have studied the departures of all of these keenly and who knows he might have decided to quit only after that!!!!

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