Oh no not again – The Indian Idol 3 Fiasco!!!

How can Prashant win???
No ways is he better than Amit Paul. Whatever happened to that “may the best man win” spirit?? Amit Paul was a magician with his voice. His soulful numbers and that ever innocent style of singing was such a pleasant refresher.
Prashant on the other hand is a very mediocre singer with nothing outstanding in either his voice quality or his style.

Yet again the public has voted to choose a wrong guy. He is in no way capable of shouldering the responsibility. What ever happened to the last Indian Idol (see I don’t even remember the name)?

When will these polarized voting patterns give way to a more nationalistic approach? This is a clear example of how a fraternity took on itself to ensure that one amongst them reach this position.

I could sense the clear despair among the judges too when the results were announced. None had expected Prashant to win the final and become the third Indian Idol.

I guess we will have to live with this kind of erratic results till better judgment prevails.

Whatever said and done, Amit Paul is and will be my Indian Idol. He has in him to become a great singer and I am sure the who’s who of music industry would have already noticed that.

As for Prashant, I have nothing against him. He looks like a nice guy to me and is a perfect example of a rags to riches story, yet another guy to make the “Indian middle class” proud. But as it is rightly said that with power comes great responsibility. And that’s where I have my doubts!!!!

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5 Responses to Oh no not again – The Indian Idol 3 Fiasco!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Indeed a decision totally unacceptable..For me too the crown of Indian Idol(3) goes to Amit Paul itself !

  2. ~anu~ says:

    >In these formats atleast the last three rounds should be Judges rounds. Both of them didn’t deserve what they got. But Amit Paul is here to stay and he will make his presence felt in the bollywood music circuit. Amen!

  3. Masood says:

    >This comment in not for this post but for your entire blog on a whole. i’ve not been able to regularly visit your page but when i do, i make it a point to read every post. and i must admit that this is good stuff. you write very well, with all your heart – true and warm, and when i read thru the lines, i can almost feel myself reading my thoughts! so keep up the good work and keep blogging so that i keep visiting! (btw, i’ve added your page on my favorites now!) 🙂

  4. neha says:

    >i dont really know who this Prashant n Amit is…therefore no comments….

  5. neha says:

    >but yes all this public voting stuff is not right…the judges r much efficient…

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