Yes, You Have A Say

What do you think about the little Prince being in the Ditch or about the Indian team winning the T20 or about the Indian team loosing the ODI or about Taj being one among the 7 wonders and about this and that?

Finally the democratic India is truly democratic (sigh sigh). You have the power of the SMS!!!! Phone uthao and SMS karo. Be it choosing your Indian Idol or the Voice Of India or the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Champ or the favorite Jodi or the Celebes in Jhalak Dikhla Ja!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes how can I forget the very important opinion of the viewers that can now change the twists and turns in Ekta Kapoor’s soaps???? Should Parvati take revenge, should Tulsi forgive (my my).

And then yes our very own radio jockeys. SMS if stuck in a jam, or if your job sucks or if you missed the breakfast. Worse still, caught Vasanthi (ignorance??? Well she was rated the best RJ in apni country) asking people to SMS if they had missed their bath (eergh!!!!)

And the party is where the News Channels are.
Will the government fall?
Should Aish marry Abhishek?
Is Kareena seeing Saif?
Should Ambani do this?
Will the sensex cross the mark? This list is non ending.

Huh. Now what do I say… It happens only in India.

Oh and can I see the Airtels and the Vodafones running to the bank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let the democracy prevail… amen….

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