Procrastination is good…

I have been contemplating sorting our letters, documents, bills and notes for quite some time. Out of sheer laziness both Aman and I have been putting this activity off for another day for indecent amount of time now. Old credit card bills, phone bills, shopping receipt, warranty documents, insurance papers, bank statements, wedding invites, tickets, electricity bills, you name it and it was there.
Finally, it was last weekend that after much motivation from my mom and some coaxing from Aman did I finally plunge into that darkness of trying to figure out what I should keep and what should have long adorned the rubbish bin.

And then while rummaging through that mountain of half useful and half worthless stuff, I stumble upon an envelope. It was addressed to Aman and was no doubt my handwriting. The flicker of a sweet memory took the better off me and knowing what I was about to do would halt my task eternally I nevertheless went ahead and opened it.

Oh wow, was my first reaction. This was the letter I had written to Aman on completing a year of “being in love”. Well, calling it a letter wouldn’t do justice to it. It was a memoir, almost 30 pages of it, our journey through the most eventful year of our lives.

Clutching the pages I rushed to show it to Aman and he too abandoned the India Australia ODI and sat with me to read it. Oh what a pleasure it was, going through those pages. We were transformed back to those wonderful days. Page by page we read through it, the smile on our faces widening. It was like traveling back in time, reliving those moments again.

We had almost forgotten about this piece of writing and I guess that was why reading it gave us so much joy. Elated at the discovery, I rearranged the pages and tucked it safely back in the envelope, and this time I kept it in my cupboard, neatly where I keep all my old photographs and letters.

By then I realized it was almost lunch time and the aroma from the kitchen took the better off me. I abandoned the task for another day.

There was a smile on my face through the day and Aman too was beamish. Our day had been made.

This is when we have been married for only a year and half. Imagine the magic this letter will create when we read it, holding hands after 25 years????

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7 Responses to Procrastination is good…

  1. Aman says:

    >Yeah, I agree to this piece of writing almost completely.. It was an experience.. One and half years into the marriage.. add to that two years of courtship, I have nearly forgotten those intense feelings which were so known and so part of me in 04 & 05.. This letter just gave me a taste of that sweet passionate love which now surfaces only when we are away on holidays in places like Goa and Ooty.. I would like to admit that those days (when we had a huge physical barrier called distance between us) though painful have formed the most memorable past of my entire life… Love you baby!!

  2. Masood says:

    >WOW!! (That’s all that I could come up with!) 🙂

  3. ~anu~ says:

    >can i have a copy please! :)WOW!(That’s all I too could come up with!)

  4. Harsh says:

    >AWESOME!! :). Inspires to fall in love.. 🙂

  5. Aaarti says:

    >How sweet.. i have letters from friends that i read wenever i feel low.. and that has me smiling and beaming~~ 🙂 may the love keep on blossoming… 🙂

  6. Pinku says:

    >Amen!why just 25 may you read it together at 50 as well. 🙂

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