Unanswered questions ….

It’s a busy day at work and I absolutely have no time to write but after hearing this particular comment from a colleague I just had to vent it out. So I’ll keep this short and sour.

So India did manage to pull out a victory in a complete dilly dally match, thanks to the grit of Zaheer, the resistance of Murli Karthik and the persistence shown by Robin. Yes it was a team play and INDIA won. This morning as soon as I entered office, this colleague of mine happily exclaimed “finally a Tamil Nadu guy is getting recognition”.

I was shocked. Why do states, regions, religion always always do find their way in all our small and big achievements???
Why can’t we take victory as a nation?? Why is it always bifurcated by some superficial factors that have now become so deep-rooted?? How does it matter if the bowler how devastated the Oz line up belongs to XYZ state??? Why can’t we rejoice the nation we are all a part of??
Lots more questions and blurred answers.. Maybe I am over reacting but that’s because I am seriously bothered….

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2 Responses to Unanswered questions ….

  1. >I really can understand some of your botheration but as you say the problem, if one may call it, is too deep-rooted, so its chances of getting extinct in near future is almost impossible.And one thing that why a person cant consider his state, where similar people live around him, as a nation. Why cant he be more happy about a person succeeding who is from his nation (his state), having the same ethinicity, language and all that stuff.The whole country with whom he has difficulty identifying with may not mean anything, other than a legally controlling government. And he can be proud of what and whom he can identify with. His state may be his nation and the rest alien.

  2. Sathish says:

    >It is a choice… if everyone things alike, life would be too predictable and boring.Is not these should be smiled at rather than rued upon? 🙂

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