Go Goa – 1

A write up on my Goa trip doesn’t seem to be happening so let me just paste a picture here that will summarize the entire experience….

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3 Responses to Go Goa – 1

  1. Swetha Iyer says:

    >Yep noticed the similarities in the name and color scheme of our blogs. Actually there is a hidden meaning in the name – WhiteRays (Swetha is pure/white in sanskrit and Arun stands for the sun rays) :)More power to your pen/keyboard lady..keep writing. 🙂

  2. Masood Salem says:

    >i’d seen this pic in ur orkut profile as well and i remember thinking how perfect it was!

  3. Aaarti says:

    >Looks like everyone is going to Goa.. me wanna go too~~ ;)cute pic..btw,this is aaarti from ryze.. 😀

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