Do I need more Wisdom??

Technically speaking I don’t. Neither do I need and nor do I want any more wisdom. Now before you write me off as some arrogant snob, poor me is only talking about the wisdom tooth. The wisdom tooth on my right lower jaw is desperate to come out, the only problem is that it has lost its way, so instead of growing vertically up, this wisdom tooth went on a joyride and banged horizontally into my molar. On one hand the Molar is defending its spot with all its glory and on the other hand the wisdom tooth is trying very hard to make its way to god only knows where.

And in between this battle for supremacy I am being subjected to the most awful pain bouts. Pain as I have never experienced before. After all wasn’t I just fine with 28 teeth?? I really don’t need 32 of them. Oh god, please deliver me from this. I don’t need any more wisdom.

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2 Responses to Do I need more Wisdom??

  1. Masood Salem says:

    >And how is the tooth coming along? Have you seen a dentist? (I know, I know – ‘dentist’ is the dreaded word but….)

  2. neha says:

    >i hope your pain has reduced..i dint ask u this before…

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