Trip to Ranchi and Back….

I don’t believe I am back from Ranchi already. I mean just the other day I was frantically packing for this break. And it was like only yesterday that I took that flight to Calcutta and it was like just a moment ago that Aman and I sat at Flury’s for an elaborate breakfast to fill time before the connecting train.

Home was such a delight. Mom has kept my room just the same as I had left it years ago, 5 years to be precise. All my soft toys and dolls still sit pretty on the shelves. She has even preserved all those little trinkets and accessories Neha and I picked up every now and then.

It was such a pleasure to be woken up by the familiar noises and the aromas that I have grown up with. Home is just the same.

But Ranchi looks like a whole new world. It is much more crowded than I can remember. Ranchi is loosing on the small town charm that we so proudly boasted about. There are more vehicles, more shopping complexes, more theaters, more restaurants and more of everything than ever before. So much so that even Big Bazaar hasn’t missed the opportunity.

But in-spite of all these “on your face” kinda changes I still feel the same about my home town. And taking Aman around was a joy of a different dimension. I get such a thrill in showing him places I frequented from my college to school to the ground I played in to the market I went to and the places I ate at.
Another highlight of the trip was the ever delectable delicacies my mom prepared. From breakfast to lunch to dinner each meal was better that the previous one. It was amazingly cute to watch her fuss over Aman.

This break has done wonders to our systems. Both of us are geared for some more grueling months ahead. Bring it on till we collapse once again to embark on another journey….

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One Response to Trip to Ranchi and Back….

  1. Aman says:

    >Hey…. Reading this piece was almost like going back to Ranchi.. its a wonderful place!! Going to iya’s home is a completely different experience, Its amazing to see how she behaves in her house..(actually its not very different the way she has been living with me) and her home has such a hospitable environment for me (especially).. yum food cooked by her mom..her dad’s exuding energy..everything there seems to be some infectious and sweet..I love Ranchi

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