Mills and Boons !!

While grocery shopping yesterday I was most pleasantly shocked to find loads of Mills and Boons novels sitting pretty right near the entrance of the store and memories came flooding back. In my early teens Mills and boons were the most sought after books and ours was one school that had a huge collection of these in the school’s library (and we were a girls’ convent at that). As a norm girls were only allowed to issue these highly romanticized literary gyan once they reached the coveted 9th standard and became part of the school senior community. So being promoted to class 9th meant a lot.

However my batch had the unique distinction of being one of the naughtiest batches of all times. After a series of exceptional events all of which were classified as “not so pleasant” we were reprimanded in the cruelest of fashion. Umpteen warnings and admonitions by the teachers and still no respite made our principle announce the hideous of all punishments “No Mills and Boons for the current 9th Class” and there went all our M&B dreams.

Luckily a few of my classmates had elder sisters in the same school. This breed of elder sisters didn’t flinch even once before asking us for all sorts of favors which meant dreadful things like preparing their project reports, copying the lab assignments and what not in return of lending us the M&B.

Ha, those were the days….I read so many M&B that I could predict the plot, the story (as if it had any). I must have read a 100 or so. Actually I was good enough to write one myself. And then on day I gave up reading them.

Yesterday when I saw these books I couldn’t help but browse through the shelf and ultimately picked up one and safely got it billed without Aman noticing. Although I am sure of what’s in it I can’t wait to start reading it.

Cheers to the good old days.. Sigh…

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4 Responses to Mills and Boons !!

  1. Masood Salem says:

    >HahahaHow many times have i heard of females flocking around M&B!!!But you know what? Somehow I’ve never had a chance to even glance through one. What are these novels about? And has any male ever read one?!?

  2. Iya says:

    >lol…these books are nothing but harmless love stories hopelessly romantic.. these are books in which the end is always happy…and till now i dont know of a guy who reads M&B…

  3. ~anu~ says:

    >hahaha.. sidey! 🙂 (even i have one in my room right now.. 🙂 )

  4. >and ive never read one – unbelievable no?

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