The High Heel Story

Can someone please explain to me how ladies manage stilettos? I mean how is it humanly possible to wear something so uncomfortable and still look fresh and cheerful? Its not that I don’t wear heels. I do. But I am immensely on edge. Half my attention is on ensuring that the discomfort is not quite apparent on my face.

For me it’s a vicious circle. Let me explain. There isn’t any denying that these high heeled shoes come in the most mouth watering designs. And that fact forces me to buy them. Now buying and not wearing obviously makes me feel guilty. Therefore I end up wearing them too. And there begins my tale of woes.

The first couple of hours usually pass like a dream giving me the impression that finally I have learnt the art of walking properly in the high heeled shoes.

It’s in the next few hours that the early feeling of numbness sets in.

And then it keeps getting worse. Worse to the extent that after a full day in those heels I almost always limp back home with shoes not in my feet but in my hand.

What follows is a series of remedial measures of soaking my feet in hot water, getting a massage, antiseptic treatments and finally pain killers.

Almost vindictive, what I do next is anybodies guess. I keep these high heels in the lowest shelf of the shoe rack where there are already dozen such high heels to even avoid looking at them.

But like all wounds these wounds also heal. And then I am back with the excuse to myself that my attire would look hideous if I don’t pair it up with the appropriate “high heeled shoes”. And so the story continues.

But coming back to where I started, can someone please explain how women manage those “High Heels”

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11 Responses to The High Heel Story

  1. Masood says:

    >tch tch…how much do you weigh? 😀

  2. ~anu~ says:

    >hahaha.. yeah i know! I could see the discomfort on your face when you decided not to pick up shahi tukde the other day :DDarn the shoes, wear something comfortable. and in place of keeping them in the last shelf on your shoe rack, how about keeping them in the last drawer in your office never know when it can come handy.. and you can tip-toe around for precisely the duration you need to! 🙂

  3. Iya says:

    >@ Masood – Weight has nothing to do with it…yes…i mean that…and having said it i still weigh the same i did during Oracle days…@ Anu – but i love wearing high heels…like the idea of keeping a pair in office though…

  4. Masood says:

    >Well I did simple mathematics. More weight = more pressure on feet = more pain. btw, I love the advice your friend Anu gave. Go girl.

  5. Sathish says:

    >Well.. 🙂 Choice 🙂

  6. Pinku says:

    >hey !!! here is the secret…the same way you do…but the ego boost they give help in minimising the pain na?

  7. Iya says:

    >@ Pinku – thats the trip i too go on !!

  8. Monika says:

    >oh i love high heels… they make u feel so confident and do wonders to one’s walk after being mastered 🙂 i am usually comfortable in them for abr 4-5 hrs beyond that i start getting itchy

  9. asit dhal says:

    >I wonder how girls wear such weird things….Buddy next time don’t buy another high heel…give the money to the beggars or feed some stray dogs !!!!!!

  10. Swaram says:

    >God! I hd walk thru the entire bird-park in Singapore bare-footed bcoz of a shoe-bite 😛 I just cud nt buy and wear a new one too bcoz the wound hurt me so badly 😦

  11. booboosmamma says:

    well high heels look good and ou feel good walking in them. so here is what i learnt working alll these years in NYC. there are two kind of shoes, the comfortable kinds and the very attractive and not so comfortable ones. and here in NYC people love to walk. i have about 20mins walk to and from my bus. so here is what i do, i have a bunch of shoes, lets say about 5-6 pairs in my office, most of them are high heels and dress shoes. then i have a couple of walking shoes or the flat shoes. so i get on the walking shoes in the morning and do the walking stuff and change into my cute shoes when at work. even for parties, i have a pair of nice shoes in my hand bag of the car trunk, change when required.

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