And I still haven’t seen Rock On…

Yes that’s true. I still haven’t seen the movie. Talk about dependency here. Aman saw the premier show way back while I was in Australia. And the dude is not ready to watch it again. So that leaves me with the option of watching it with friends or watching it alone. I am a sucker for company so obviously watching alone doesn’t work out. As for friends I have made plans more than a couple of times only to cancel it last moment. I think destiny is playing a role here. Maybe the divine forces don’t want me to watch this movie. So what if Arjun Rampal looks absolutely hot and Farhan Akhtar is jaw dropping good looking. Who cares???
And did someone say that “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. Now why isn’t the universe listening?? I really do want to watch this movie. Please please, someone conspire and make this possible. I would love a surprise from any of my friends reading this.
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8 Responses to And I still haven’t seen Rock On…

  1. Masood says:

    >Your a Rock-off if you haven’t seen the movie. Well, unfortunately I am not in town or else would have planned a ‘surprise’ 😛

  2. >yeah, u should watch the movie. and dont take the ‘secret’ to seriously, the universe is to large to worry bout u 😉

  3. ~anu~ says:

    >Does this post need a status update or you have still not watched it??

  4. Diviya says:

    >Hey, long time. Hope you and Aman are doing great. The universe comment was made by Paulo Coelho in the book I’d love to burn – The Alchemist. Actually, I’d love to burn all his books :). I’d recommend a dvd watch, if you are so keen. Definitely not the worth money in a multiplex. Tc.

  5. Santosh says:

    >You have not missed much Iya. Its a beautifully shot movie but has a very below average storyline. Like a dump beautiful girl:). Arjun Rampal not just looks good in the movie but put up a matured performance too. Overall the crew knew how to make a movie but they did not know what to make.:)

  6. Iya says:

    >@Anu – yes this needs an update.. i did watch the movie…on a sunday when aman was not in b’lore i watched the morning show alone 🙂 and i so loved it..the act as well as the movie…and like a emotional bollywood lover went and bought the Cd as well@ Diviya – both aman and me are doing good..hope u r fine as well.. ur blog tells me that u got married…congrats…@ Santosh – i liked the movie.. Finally saw it last week…well i am partial towards the way farhan akhtar looked and acted so maybe i couldnt see the movie from the critical point of view…will save this discussion for someother flick which doesnt have 1 of the dozen people i adore in bollywood 🙂

  7. >First of all the movie is really a cheap imitation of the rock culture in India. And the second thing that the universe has more important things to do.

  8. >Paulo Coelho is the best writer.Maybe a few people do not care to understand him.

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