Karwa Chauth in Bangalore

I have lived in Bangalore for about than 3 and half years now. And with each passing moment I have felt more at home in this city. The first 6-8 months were a struggle in adapting to a city so different from what ever I had seen before in terms of language and food. Add to it the nuisance of house hunting coupled with the regular problems of getting a telephone connection, buying furniture, getting a gas connection and many such things.

But things got better after Aman moved here and we got married. Now he was there for me and my fight to do everything by myself eased out. This made me see Bangalore in a totally different light. The city I found difficult to understand became warmer to me.

From finding our kind of food to starting liking the Bangalore cuisine we did it all. We made friends and started a life here. Gradually Bangalore started offering us everything we craved for, from Pani Puri in BTM layout to the dal makhni in Mast Kalandar. We discovered the tandori chicken in Chandni Chowk and the Chole Bhature in Indra Nagar. We found places where we could get the Jalabis as crispy as we wanted them. I even found tailors who could stitch the Patiala suits just as I got them at home.

But the utmost expression of homecoming was the Karwa Chauth this year. This is my most favorite festival. I love the preparation that goes into it. I love the fact that I don’t eat or drink for a day for Aman. And I love the way Aman behaves. From coaxing to pleading to threatening he does everything to make me eat. I love the fact that he calls me every 30 minutes to see if I am ok.

Along with all this there is a feeling of goodness that surrounds this festival which I had missed last year. But this year it was different. It was like the city had made a decision to make all fasting married women feel at ease. There are a couple of things that are a characteristic to this festival. The foremost being the Mehndi or the Henna and the second being the “pheenia” (a sweet like sevai/sweet vermicelli) Last year I had struggled to find someone who could apply the henna on my hands. Thanks to P and her MIL I was lucky and got the mehndi anyway.

But this year the festivity reached its peak. In a la Delhi mode, the Koramangala Street was full of Mehndi artist. Right from mid morning to late in the night there were number of artisans sitting and churning out colored hands by the minutes. Same was the scene in the Forum Mall. Along with this, the sweet shops had provisioned for the lesser know “pheenia” as well. Number of shops had sprouted in and around these areas selling the other things needed for the Karwa Chauth Festival. The pre festive homework was complete. My elation knew no bounds. Last year finding the festival pre requisites was a pain but this year the same thing was so much joy.

This might not sound like a big deal but after this Karwa Chauth I really feel like I am at home in Bangalore.

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15 Responses to Karwa Chauth in Bangalore

  1. >the city is taking you into its folds eh?

  2. Pinku says:

    >nice to know you are settling in…nicer to know the South is celebrating the festivals of the north…Need more such integration.Afterall all festivals can be fun and times for family and friends why not use the excuse to bond? 🙂

  3. Masood says:

    >Glad that Bang…Bang…Bangalore finally makes you feel at home. I still remember when we first got there, everything about Blore looked so alien and difficult. I remember being so disappointed. But trust me, now that I no longer live there, I miss the place the most! It kinda grows on you with time.Hope you had a memorable Karwachauth.

  4. Joe says:

    >Blore rocks. Despite its ridiculous curfews and what now, it rocks. As a fellow bangalorean, reconsider the smoking petition if you will please?

  5. Iya says:

    >@ Cynic – the city is making me feel at home :)@ Pinku – yeah, festivals can act as the biggest catalyst to integration@ Masood – yes I did have a very good Karwa Chauth.. Early days were bad.. Thanks to u guys in office I made through it…@ Joe – I told u my views on Smoking.. i am all for the ban.. grin…And yes B’lore sure rocks…

  6. Joe says:

    >dang it a million times over! its a global conspiracy against us smokers, i tell ya!

  7. Santosh says:

    >Nice read Iya. Aman…I am feeling jealous 🙂

  8. Thomman says:

    >That was a feel good post Iya. P.S. If things get better, I should probably get married. P.P.S Unfortunately, I’m just 22.

  9. Iya says:

    >@ Santosh – 🙂 @ Thomman – thanks.. and u can still get married..whats age to do with it…

  10. Rohini says:

    >It’s nice how so many of our regional traditions are gaining national currency. I guess it’s a function of how cosmopolitan Bangalore has become…

  11. neha says:

    >Its true…i do not stay in this city,but i can surely call it my second home…this place has some connects which Pune lacks…even after 1 n a half yr there,m not wishing to stay back in pune…For me Bangalore has comfort, family, good food n PVR…

  12. Iya says:

    >@Rohini – yes it indeed is very heart warming… acceptance is the key to happiness…alas some people think otherwise@Neha – how can u forget sleep???

  13. >nice to know you feel at home in bangalore..well, any city takes time to seduce you to love 🙂

  14. Iya says:

    >@ Sneha – it sure does, but then there are places u fall in love at first sight, thats what Pune did to me 🙂

  15. Richa Juneja says:

    >Hi Iya.. am new to bangalore and am keeping my first karwa chauth fast this time. Can you please help me.? I need to know from where can i get the diyas and other puja items.. thanks..

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