Walk into the sunset

And yet another argument ended with Her turning around and sleeping. This had become the way of life for them. For Him the kick was that He had the last word and so He was correct. For Her the solace was the fact that She turned Her back to Him thus acting mature and putting an end to the argument.

She only wanted one thing – that He shouldn’t take Her for granted
He too only complained of one thing – that She lacked the understanding and the patience expected out of a married women.

When did things go so wrong? Weren’t they madly in love and crazy about each other. They still are. Then why do they have such bitter arguments?

Life was all pink for them till a few months back when both of them were working. Things took a drastic turn after She decided to quit and pursue a life of a home maker. She wanted to have a child. But He wasn’t convinced. Some persistent insistence from Her side finally made Him give up and agree. She did get pregnant only to have a miscarriage in the third month. And that made things sour. He got busier with work and she couldn’t gather courage or energy to go back to Hers. The feeling of being a looser started to creep in. The gloom of being all by herself through the days and sometimes week was killing Her within. They stopped communicating. The longish conversations that both so enjoyed were replaced by silence.
The fact that She had lost Her child was taking its toll on Her. She felt stretched in anguish.

He woke up with the shrill ringing of the alarm, bathed and left for the airport without bothering to wake Her up and say goodbye. He was off to New York for a week. Little did He realize He would be coming back to an empty home.

That evening She walked into the sunset beyond the sea and became one with waves. That evening she was relieved.

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10 Responses to Walk into the sunset

  1. Pinku says:

    >hey that was very scary. but the frustration one feels when those we love best refuse to understand us and we in turn dont understand them comes out beautifully.

  2. >Why such a negative ending! Sad that this should happen when two people still care for each other…or maybe that’s when it happens.

  3. Iya says:

    >Pinku – thanks… love when not understood is more painful than love when not reciprocated…@IHM – only this ending made sense.. at least she would be at peace now..@ Anu – hmmm.. nice..

  4. my space says:

    >hmm I realise that death can either make or break a couple..the problem is not, not loving enough but not sharing enough..

  5. phatichar says:

    >Oh man!Beautifully written – the pain comes through.

  6. Iya says:

    >@ My Space: in this case Death is final…the problem sometimes lies in not communicating and only assuming…@ Phatichar: Thanks…

  7. Swetha Iyer says:

    >Very moving story, Iya. Just needs a little polishing here and there… (avoid using capital for third person pronouns when its not at the start of a sentence. There are just two characters so there is no need to emphasize further. “For him the kick…” I guess you could use a better word to substitute kick.) The anguish comes through. Good work 🙂 Join Caferati if writing is your passion.

  8. Iya says:

    >hey Swetha…long time… Thanks for your comment..This basic rule of English Grammar (avoid using capital for third person pronouns when its not at the start of a sentence) is no mystery for me. And the exact reason for my using capital is because i wanted to emphasize on the characters..thats how i wanted it to be…Hope that clarifies..

  9. nEha says:

    >Hey,this is scary…I dint like it…

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