Should kids be allowed in movie theaters?

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Why, oh why, parents – why do you do this? Why do you get your oh so sweet kids to the movie halls? When you know the kind of energy your child has, when you are aware that your child is incapable of sitting quietly for 2.5 to 3 hours?

I am mighty agitated. Yesterday Aman and I went to watch a movie at the neighborhood multiplex. Fashion to be precise. If you have seen the movie, you would know that it has its share of serious moments.

In the same row as mine there was this family seated and with them they had a small boy not more than 3 years old. This kid was oblivious the fact that one needs to sit quietly in a theater. He was continuously loud and screechy.

My anger is certainly not on the kid. He was obviously unaware of how one behaves in a movie theater. But what were his parents doing? I mean why do parents get small kids to movie halls and if they do why cant they teach them to sit quietly. I mean we all will understand a couple of disturbances here and there but if the kid is on a joy ride through out the duration of the movie then isn’t it the onus of the parents to keep a check?

Let alone keeping a check, the parents yesterday seemed too happy to let the kid have his own share of fun while they watched the movie.

When I couldn’t take it any longer I decided to go talk to the boy’s mom during the interval. With utmost politeness I told her that it would be great if she could ask her son to be a little quieter as it was spoiling the movie for others. And I swear I was polite. She measured me up and down and with a frown said she’ll try. I could sense how much she despised my touching on this topic.

Anyways my request didn’t have much impact. The kid continued his jabber till we exited.

Is it right on part of these parents to spoil the entire movie watching experience for so many people? Shouldn’t parents be more conscious of the surroundings?

Is putting a ban the only way out? Or can parents behave in a more matured manner and keep a check on their little angels?

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20 Responses to Should kids be allowed in movie theaters?

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Kids can be kids unless they disturb others….they should be taken out of the theatre in case they get restless or disturb othersBut why Fashion….its a A rated movie to begin with…. The parents should not have been allowed inside in the first place.- Carona

  2. su says:

    >It is hillarious … Kids have to be trained to behave appropriately at public fora.Its all possible … with little bit of creativity and reading ….

  3. Pinku says:

    >You should have stood up and created enough commotion to make them stop the screening and throw those morons out. I know it feels ridiculous but someone somewhere has to take an extereme step…and by the way have seen such unruly kids in live performances….which not only disturbed the audience but also the performer, some people just come with a “no manners” tag I suppose.

  4. >Well being a mommy and as well as movie bluff I can’t help but be sympathetic to both the parties. As at times u go like – what the heck its ages I have been to the theatre…so whatever….But what I do is simple 1. Avoid taking her to the movie… and in case of “leave her at home” arrangements going haywire in the last minute 2. here’s what I do3. Try to get the seats near the Exit – corner or the front row. She doesn’t feel cramped is less fidgety. Also for me – Just in case!4. Explain that we need to be quiet and watch as others would get disturb.5. Get her favorite snack6. The moment I feel that she is fidgety I start murmuring “my version” of the story in her ears…well that also makes her interested in whats happening with the uncle & aunt’s on screen. 7. Take her to the loo during a song – to show her everybody is inside so she can’t demand her usual – I wanna go out as would be alone. If nothing works…..well we take turns being outside with her.

  5. Iya says:

    >@ Carona – the authorities are not really strict in Bangalore and I am not sure they are anywhere else in the country too.. @ Su – yes it surely should be possible… but the parents in my case seemed too happy to let the child be@ Pinku – I did want to but something held me back. Imagine parents letting their children misbehave during live performances. That will be so damn annoying…@ Nidhi – That is so thoughtful of you and I wonder why more people can’t behave like that!!!

  6. >one cant blame the kids either – heck, a 3 year old cannot be expected to enjoy sitting in one place – I think i liked the nidhi’s tactics. though im very curious as to hwo can she convert movies like fashion into a child-consumable-fairytale-isque tales.nidhi, can you come to the movies with me after i have kids please?

  7. my space says:

    >Kids should not be taken along.Period..when my kids were young either I left them with friends/family or I didn`t go..and fashion is for adults..

  8. Iya says:

    >cyn@ I didn’t blame the kid at all. My angst is for the parents.. And Nidhi’s daughter is quite a delight.. she actually understands that people are sitting quietly and so does she and she is not even 3.. As for the story telling part, trust me cyn Nidhi has a gift.. she did that when we were watching Bachna Ae Haseeno and her version was better than the actual movie…My Space@ thanks for dropping by..

  9. Rohini says:

    >The only move I ever took my kid to was Shrek 3 and even there, it was tough to keep him quiet. So it’s not happening again for a LONG time…I think to start with the onus is with parents. I think this mentality of taking kids everywhere is just plain selfish. And not just with regard to other hapless souls in the cinema theatre but the kid himself. He should not be exposed to viewing fare like Fashion!And why aren’t theatres doing anything?! If it is a A-rated movie, then how are kids being allowed in at all? What is the validity of the rating then?

  10. ~anu~ says:

    >pathetic parents.. should have mouthed something in their direction.. and complained too to the authority.. not all kids are as sweet as gauri and not all mothers are as sensible as nidhi!

  11. Pinku says:

    >so there you see…you got a lot of support next time….Just stand up and holler.and yeah Nidhi’s tactics do sound very thoughtful…and yes no one is really blaming the kids you know its the unthinking parents who are to blame.

  12. Masood says:

    >An incident just came to mind. This happened when ‘Raja Hindustani’ was released. A small family visited the local theater to watch the movie. One women had a small baby in her hands. Somewhere in the middle of the movie, the baby started crying (like all babies do). And this in the midst of an intense scene. The women keeps her hand on the baby’s face to quiet the poor thing down. Next thing she knows, the baby died in her arms. Cause of death – Suffocation. Since that incident, women are not allowed to watch movies in that city. I know this is harsh and unjust. That is not the argument here. But this shocking incident made headlines all across India. The point is – what the f*** are the parents thinking when they take their kids to the movies??!! And at this cost? Is it really worth it?

  13. Santosh says:

    >No way Iya. 3 years old kid and theater etiquettes? Forget it. The parents should not have brought him to the theater. I can understand you irritation. I have a similar aged daughter. We generally go to the second show so she sleeps through the movie. We do not irritate any Iya in the bargain 

  14. Iya says:

    >@ Rohini – I guess that’s the only way out…it’s even painful for the kid to sit quietly in that darkness @ Anu – I know I should have done that… and u know I am capable of doing that…I have no clue why I didnt…@ Pinku – next time…will surely take a stand…I still have no clue y I choose to be polite…@ Masood – this is scary…I somehow don’t remember this incident…@ Santosh – that’s thoughtful!!! And good that your daughter sleeps…

  15. phatichar says:

    >Parents need to discipline their kids. Period.

  16. Taj says:

    >I have to admit, the incident made me laugh for quite some time, when I pictured you going and talking to the mother – ROLF. Iya – Listen Madam, your kid is making too much noise. [utmost politeness]Madam [thinking to herself] – who the heck is this lady, what audacity, isko to abhi dikhati hoon, ruk – my kid is just going to wail louder. yeah, but ders been too many number of times this happens, nonetheless, the parents probably very badly want to see the movie and have no one to drop of the child to, and just hope the kid sleeps through it. but its selfish anyways.

  17. Iya says:

    >@ Phatichar – Thanks for dropping by, else i couldnt have discovered ur eerie the way why do u call urself “Phatichar”??Taj – now dont be cynical about this… and i didnt know u had a blog too… 🙂

  18. phatichar says:

    >Remember that famous serial, in which Pankaj Kapoor had acted? 😉 That was one of my, while I was trying to come up with a name for my first blog on blurty, I was kinda frustrated, so I told myself that famous line from the serial, ‘chal yaar phatichar, itna emotional kyon ho raha hai’. And voila!

  19. Monika says:

    >I am parent myself and I know its sometimes not possible to control because they themselves dont have control and they are different…. I dont think its a good idea to take kids to the cinema hall not untill they become a little sensible

  20. Swetha Iyer says:

    >Another causality of motherhood – bid adieu to theatres. 🙂 I used to be terribly impatient with bawling kids in public places..but now I reseve some sympathies for the parents.

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