The least we expect our sick, dirty politicians to do is to respect the Martyrs. This is utterly disgusting, the comment that Achuthanandan, the Kerela CM has made.

And this is because the grieved father didnt want to meet him –

This is beyond me. What I am feeling is beyond anger and rage.

NSG Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan – I salute you!!! Each and every Indian is very very proud of you.

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  1. PARRY says:

    >Yes our brave officers deserve commendation. Their dying for our mother country will only be fruitful if some concrete action is taken by its citizens.Alas! was this kind of vow taken after kargil conflict too ?? 😦

  2. Razigan says:

    >Next time, if such incident happens, let us enforce Mr achuthanandan to fight against terrorist and save our country.He may understand then, what’s it all about……….

  3. Jagjit says:

    >How f****g disgusting it can get!!! i think b4 terrorists, these ppl shud be killed.Salute Major Sandeep…

  4. Pinku says:

    >hey iya…chill yaar…the CM went there just to pacify people who said that he should pay his respects to a Malayali matyr…His comments showed up what he actually feels about the whole thing. and I am sure the people will remember.Good that it happened atleast his true colours are out in the open.The guys who die for their country dont wait for idiots such as these to pay their respects.

  5. Kanupriya says:

    >Disgusting! These guys are truly disgusting…thats all I can think of them!!!

  6. Monika says:

    >as i have said time and again i want to kill all politicians of india they have brought enough shame to us

  7. Mampi says:

    >As if we care what these politicians say or feel. THey suffered this insult once, and from a worthy father of a worthy son, and their nerves went haywire, what of us who suffer each day due to these worthless power-hungry dogs?Salaam to UnniKrishnan senior. We need more of such mettle…Its a small beginning that he has made but a big step for us citizens.

  8. Iya says:

    >@ Parry – sadly our so called leaders have brains smaller that that of a pigeons..@ Razigan – that’s asking a lot from these dim wits, let alone fight, these politicians are the first one to hide in their houses with their Z class security@ Jagjit – I so agree with you@Pinku – my blood was boiling when i read the kind of comment he made.. it fails me, how can these guys have a peaceful sleep@ Kanu – that’s the word – Disgusting@ Monika – Why cant these terrorist kill the politicians instead..@ Mampi – true 🙂

  9. >it hurts common people.

  10. >This guy (and his ilk ) does not deserve to be in politics at all. Although he has apologized, it is obvious that he has no real respect for our martyrs. And I was watching on TV yesterday how they all united against any reduction in their own Security. Same way they had united against Electoral Reforms in I think 2001. otherwise they all bicker, but in the end they are just chor chor mausere bhai! Here is a petition for Electoral Reforms which these people did not allow to be implemented. This compels all candidates to disclose their criminal antecedents and also their assets, amongst other points.

  11. DeeplyDip says:

    >absolutely. I am glad the public outrage for once helped and this guy had to aplogise in public. It’s amazing how stupidly these politicians are behaving at a time like this…

  12. Mumbai Diva says:

    >Hey,where’s you. No post in some while. I’ve got something for you on my blog. It’s the butterfly award. Do pick it up!

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