Little Hungry Gods

A poor child working to have a meal twice a day is surely child labor and none here will have an opinion otherwise.

But isn’t this Child Labor too?? Only because these children are well fed for and belong to affluent families, doesn’t their working to earn money qualify as child labor??
Agreed that the second set is doing this more out of choice rather than out of compulsion but does that make things any different.

Why do I talk about this today – because it hurts me no end when this young boy barely 10 comes to my home every Sunday morning and asks me if I want something to be cleaned. He insists I make him do anything, just anything. He knows very well I won’t, but he still tries. He knows the pattern, he asks for work and we give him food. This has been a ritual for the past one year.

I tried asking him where he stays and where his parents were, but he doesn’t understand either Hindi or English. He doesn’t go to school and does these random errands to earn some money.
I see him take the food and happily walk to the next house. I see him either washing cars or cutting grass. Yes this pains me no end.

Of all the vices we have as a society nothing precedes this, nothing at all.
Here we have such a huge problem in hand, and people are busy talking about religion and fighting for God we aren’t even sure exists when these little gods are sleeping hungry each day.

My giving food to a boy will not change anything. We need a social awakening, imagine if all the money that is being spent on strengthening the security, in weapons and on arms could be utilized in creating a robust system which would ensure that each and every child is well fed, healthy and gets education, won’t our world be a better place?
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16 Responses to Little Hungry Gods

  1. Razigan says:

    >Definitely lya……..Let me think about a simple and permanent solution for this.

  2. Masood says:

    >Yes, we see this happening around us every day yet are so helpless. It is so sad that these tiny tots, who should be at school studying, eating heartily, playing and sleeping well, are on the streets working and/or begging! 😦 Heart-breaking!

  3. >Iya I am totally with you on this. This is where the world should be focusing. If more people thought like this there would be no kids like this one.This post makes me see why I LOVE your blog.

  4. Monika says:

    >oh i abs agree with u… its such a pain to see young people like this working… i try and do my bit on this by making sure the kids around me are not pushed in this… my maids children, the watchman’s children, the dhobi’s, the gardener’s even if it means spending money for their books etc etcwe need more and more people waking up to this cause

  5. Pinku says:

    >Iya…hugs…what you have written so true…and heart rending.really wish we could do something about those children.

  6. Iya says:

    >@ Razigan – is there any?@ Masood – it is very heart breaking@ IHM – I am so happy to know that u love my blog 🙂 @ Monika – yes we need more people to do this…@ Pinku – and there are so many of these unprivileged children, huge determined effort is needed to overcome this..

  7. >this is a v touchin issue specially for mothers like me n i also work in this field. just now i finished writing a proposal to map the child trafficking hotspots in Jharkhand..there are so many government schemes n so many orgnisations workin for the cause of children n these efforts definately bring smiles to a few of them.iya please chk if a NGO is workin in your area and tell them to track this out of school child..

  8. Mampi says:

    >absolutely right,If the money were to be invested on this chldhood, 90 percent of the current problems would vanish automatically.Very close to my heart topic.Thanks for sharing.

  9. Agnes says:

    >Hi. First time here.First of all, just because you can’t feed every hungry child in the world, what you’re doing still makes a difference and I think it’s great that you’re doing something :-)I think when a child enjoys what they are doing and are doing it because they want to, not because they are forced to, then it is not child labor.

  10. aneri_masi says:

    >Visiting from Indian Home Maker’s blog…Have you heard of project WHY in Delhi? They do exactly what you are talking about…taking care of these little Gods, without any govt or institutional help. Reading their blog is heart-wrenching and heart warming at the same time…here’s their link

  11. Iya says:

    >@ Tanvi – i shall do that..but tell me something what do these NGO’s excatally do? will they provide for this child in terms of food, shelter, clothing and education?@ Anges – thanks for dropping by and i guess u are right..Keep Coming…@ Aneri_masi – thanks for visiting, will hop over to the blog right away..

  12. >You are right I never thought about this. I guess what really matters is the choice…the affluent kids can go to school and be regular kids if they want….but then how can they decide before they are 18. Very valid point.

  13. Charakan says:

    >Good post.Reducing the poverty and injustice in the World will definitely reduce terrorism.Individuals and NGOs can do only little. May be we should use our Vote in such a way that those who will do maximum for the poor will come to Power.

  14. Shweta says:

    >Yes it’s the nice way of expressing yourself…Cheers!

  15. Smitha says:

    >I just came across this post – and you have voicesd such valid concerns.. It is indeed heart-wrenching to see such little gods.. And you are right, when you point out that kids from affluent families are also, probably in the same boat. I have read of little children, in showbiz being exploited by their guardians.. Sad.. It is wonderful though that you are making some difference!

  16. asit dhal says:

    >buddy …u right..these little gods should be well treated. Instead of investing money in defense, beautiful skyscrapers, etc, the government should think ab these little gods. In fact everyone should do something.Think ab a an India where every one pays a little money for every god.I guess if such an India is ever possible in reality !!!anyone nice blog….

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