Phone Bina Chain Yahan Re..

Ladies and gentleman, I have yet again (mind it) misplaced my cell phone.
Yes this is true. I lost it 2 days back on a Sunday while parents, Aman and me were in Mysore. No clue where it went. It just vanished.Well this post is not about the loosing part but about how I feel after loosing it.
Obviously I feel miserable. What with the sister-in-law’s wedding coming up all my energies were focused on shopping for the same and now I’ll have to spend money to buy a new handset.
Since it was a corporate connection I will get a new SIM card with the same number. The worse part is I lost all my contacts. And those who have ever lost a cell phone will know how difficult it is to rebuild the contact list. Looks like I will have to wait till my wedding anniversary to get all the personal numbers in place (the narcissist in me is so sure that all family and friends will call).

It’s been 2 days that I have been without a phone and I have started to like it.
The initial anger and frustration has passed away, and I have started to enjoy this part. It’s been peaceful. This is a pleasant break from the constant ringing. I call people when I want to. I don’t have to answer calls. I am so in love with this freedom. Work is surely getting affected but people desperate to reach me are dropping mails and I am calling them back on my own discretion.
As for family, they can reach me through Aman’s number.

I wish I could remain without a phone. I know that won’t work. But what I have decided instead is to be mobile phoneless (is that a word??) for a few more days.

Let’s see how this experiment turns out to be.

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22 Responses to Phone Bina Chain Yahan Re..

  1. Razigan says:

    >Yeah, I have lost 2 (Inspite of having a sedantary working style). One was really expensive and new.No resolution yet. Suggest me If U have one.

  2. Jagjit says:

    >You can enjoy that without losing phones too. 🙂 For example think about a phone-free week. Saves money and gets you freedom too. I’ve lost many phones but never experimented on remaining mobile phoneless for too many days. Now that two people have used that, it’s a word. Mobile Phoneless! 🙂

  3. >I can’t imagine a day without the phone!!!!Though maybe it will be nice, and anyway I don’t get too many calls.I have never lost a phone and it must be terrible to have to even remember what all numbers you have stored!!!

  4. ~anu~ says:

    >now i know why you didnt you answer when i called you like a zillion times day before 🙂 oh yes i did i did no kiddin i did i did! njoi the freedom till it lasts 🙂 🙂

  5. Monika says:

    >omg… i just went thru it… was without a phone for 4 days and was so itchy the whole time… i feel handicapped without one but the good thing i usually do is take a backup of the phone on my laptop, sync all contacts once in 15 days or so… that u atleast dont loose them

  6. Pinku says:

    >ok…so consolations and congratulations as well….What for you ask?Why the seldom found peace for one and the new handset Aman will buy you for another…

  7. Masood says:

    >I’ve lost a phone once. And I was ‘phoneless’ for a week. Though a little inconvenient, it sure feels liberating. Loosing contacts is the worst part. But ever since, I’ve always made it a point to backup my phone every few months. Highly recommended.On a brighter note, your gonna get a new cell!! So cheer up! 🙂

  8. Iya says:

    >@ Razigan – not too loose any more phones !!2 Jagjit – Thats a hypothetical situation. trust me if i hadnt lost it i couldnt have imagined a minute without it..@ IHM – its terrible when i think of all the contacts i lost@ anu – ya ya..y not..

  9. Iya says:

    >@ Monika – thats a good idea, at the rate i misplace my phones i shud surely do a backup thing..@ Pinku – aisa nahi hoga aab.. aman bought me a beautiful Moto U9 for my b’day in july which i promptly broke in u think he will ever buy me a new phone?@ Masood – please promptly sms me ur number..kya new cell, i will buy the cheapest model available in mkt..

  10. >Tum kya laye the jo tumne kho diya…:)

  11. Mampi says:

    >Have fun as long as it lasts.My husband did that once, but then all the fones kept diverting (un)automatically to my fone, and i hated it to the core.dont do it to aman.

  12. >I either loose or misplace my phone all the time. that’s why I don’t buy the fancy gadget phones. I stick to basic good old nokia. I once left my phone in teh freezer and it had to be thawed. I dried it well and it still worked :).

  13. Deeps says:

    >I usually lose my SIM cards!yeah I know I’m strange!what happens is when I’m in India I use my india sim and keep my Qatar sim aside safely out of my reach of my daugter only to forget later where I kept it!I’ve lost about 2cards like that.As for my mobile,its a favourite passtime of my daughter..she has ruined about 2-3 cell phones of mine during the course of her growing up.Either she just puts them in her mouth and conks off the batteries in the process or simply drops them in water or waste-bin.So did you find your BTW??

  14. Iya says:

    >@ Hobo – 🙂 laye kuch nahi but khareeda toh tha..@ Mampi – its over, bought a phone yesterday @ A – the one that i lost before this one was an expensive Moto.. so then i went for an almost basic model and that too i lost.. Finally i have picked up a phone worth 2K..there was nothing cheaper that that..@ Deeps – loosing sim cards is unusual:) u are sounding like my mom who keeps the most important stuff in such safe custody that she is unable to find it herself.. lol

  15. CM-Chap says:

    >Yup very true that u will enjoy the phoneless life… You will get time for everything in this world. But u can try this experiment even without losing ur

  16. Manish Raj says:

    >Iya I too have lost my mobile once…One it’s a bliss, you don’t feel the guilt of switching it off…and it’s time to upgrade..

  17. Manish Raj says:

    >Iya I have lost it once…one its’s a bliss..we don’t feel the guilt of switching it off…and it’s also an opportunity to upgrade..

  18. >ah i feel the pain. have written an entire ode to a lost cellphone once. very saddening it is.

  19. D says:

    >Must be quite liberating, I imagine.

  20. Sara says:

    >Its a relief sometimes, to be not contacted!!

  21. jeromine says:

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