Off To Punjab

We leave for Punjab tonight.
This is my first ever trip to Punjab during such extreme winters. Bangalore has a way of spoiling us. Be it summers or winters, all months here are just so wonderful.

We are off to attend Sis-in-laws wedding. A grand Punjabi wedding it will be. This time for sure I’ll do a post on Punjabi weddings once I get back.

This vacation was planned almost 6 months back. All necessary arrangements were done accordingly (read leave approvals), but owe it to the market conditions or my luck, my leaves have been chopped to half. This meant I either postponed my travel by a few days or travel on the set date but work from Aman’s home. We choose the second option.
These days not many of us go on a non working vacation, I mean we are reachable most of the time. But work from home means I’ll have to be in-front of my laptop continuously from morning to late evening. Which means I miss out on all the fun and the last minute wedding preparations which at this time will be at its helm. But I am not complaining. At least I have the evenings and nights with family there.

Aman has been transported into a different world all together. He is so full of stories of his childhood. The winter afternoons, the fruit baskets, the parathas, the pani puris, the kite flying. I think it’s a good idea to make him do a guest post on this.

I will not be very regular on the Blogosphere for a while now. You see I still feel guilty spending too much time reading and writing blogs when family is around. So will keep hopping here now and then.

Only a few more hours before we leave,and packing is still in shambles. Don’t want to repeat what happened at Bhaiya’s wedding.

So off I go. See ya all soon..

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20 Responses to Off To Punjab

  1. Masood says:

    >Bon voyage! :)Have a fun ‘working’ vacation. Only reason why I manage to get leaves as per my convenience from my management is coz they know I will invariably be connected to work…always! It’s like an addiction.

  2. Monika says:

    >oh winters in the north are so good… i just love them… and do that post, everytime i come back from a wedding i decide to do it and then time flies…enjoy ur time, bring back lots of memories, pictures for us and ya pls bring that special punjabi shaadi ki mithai… toshe 😉

  3. ~anu~ says:

    >hey you came back after so long only to say you are off for longer..hmph! never mind 🙂 have loads of fun.. and work only if it is absolutely necessary ok.. let me give you a call sometime to take updates on the wedding. pack aman’s stuff yourself.. no taking chances this time. 🙂

  4. >have a super duper time. will look forward to ur punjabi wedding post. oye oye balle balle balle 🙂 hee hee hee..remember to post pictures too..i love pictures.

  5. Pinku says:

    >Hey!!! you are in my part of the country by now…hope we can catch up..and yeah have fun.

  6. Iya says:

    >@ Masood – Work is always do even when on leave, but to sit continusly infront of my laptop and attend calls through the day is not my idea of a family vaccation@ Monika – Sweets on its way, at least then we will meet@ anu – yup this time i have packed, but we still need to unpack and see if we have brought everything…fingers crossed@ A – thanks so much, lots of pics..i love them too..@Pinku – in punjab, will connect with u soon 🙂

  7. roopscoop says:

    >i am oh so jealous!!! 😦 i wanna go back too!! 😦 n not to worry … you aren’t alone. i am a last minute rather last second packer too!! :)))

  8. Mampi says:

    >Have fun,,,,btw am shooting u an email,,,dhyan naal parh’na

  9. >December 08, I was in Punjab.It was too cold but I love winter season.Enjoy !

  10. Pinku says:

    >hey my number is 9811632385 call when u can….

  11. >seems like you still having fun at the wedding. when you get back there is a TAG waiting for you. Will be nice to know little random bits of you 🙂

  12. Iya says:

    >@ Roop – haha, this time we didnt miss out on the essentials @ Mampi – sowie..@ Cyn – i did, a lot@ Hobo – it was freezing@ Pinku – have sent u a mail, reply karo@ A – i am back, will pick up the tag soon@ Masood – yup.. very much

  13. >hey even i have written a post on my punjab trip. do check it out when u get time. n yeah weddings r worth a blog 🙂

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