Life is not fair…

And every dark cloud does not have a silver lining.
Who ever said that whatever happens happens for the good does not know a lot of things for sure.
In the end everything is not always right and bad does happen to perfectly kind and honest people who have never done anything dreadful.
And at times there is no justice.
And things don’t make any sense.
Some things should have never happened and sometimes there is no way to make things right.
All we can do is cry. But will that help?

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13 Responses to Life is not fair…

  1. >Cry is a gift. We have to cry otherwise…But at the same time we have to believe each sunset stores a new sunrise.Keep smiling.:)

  2. Masood says:

    >Aaah, and now I know the reason!

  3. mindspace says:

    >there will for sure be a reason, in the larger scheme of things that we aren’t able to see sometimes. In most of such cases, just smile n let them be.cheers!

  4. Jagjit says:

    >oyee! wht happened? dont cry… okay – cry but first tell wats wrong wid ya…

  5. Iya says:

    >@ Mumbai – 2 incidents over last month have shaken me completely@ Hobo – that’s not true, all sunsets do not have a new sun rise@ Masood – :(@ Tara – no tara there isn’t any reason, this time for sure there isn’t any@ Jagjit – nothing wrong with me, I am seeing 2 people very close to me suffer…

  6. >I wish I could say I disagree Iya, but what you say is true :(But I find a lot of solace is taking the situation as a challenge of sorts and trying to see if a solution can found… and crying helps too. And if not solutions at least solace can be found Iya? Hugs, IHM

  7. Monika says:

    >oops this seemed like a sad post iya… hugs to u…but i am very sad to agree with u on most of the things that u have written but than again life is about being positive inspite of this… and u are a brave girlmore hugs (they always work)

  8. Mampi says:

    >Hope all goes well with the lives of those who are at the back of your mind while writing this. (Yes, I have read the follow-up post to this)

  9. Iya says:

    >IHM, Monika, Mampi – thanks, they are fighting with themselves to cope up!!! and all i can do is watch in silence…

  10. sabooamrit says:

    >Hey Iya,I am new to your blog space. And this post made me hold on to this page. I completely agree with you. And I hate people when they say that what happens,it happens for good!! Whi cares later on when there is so much suffering in present :(By the way,I think I would be regular to this space now. So you have to often bear my comments :)Cheers!!Amrit

  11. Anonymous says:

    >hey!!! u r absolutely righti m going through very bad phase in my life.i m punished by life for no crime.your lines truly suit me.DD

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