I don’t feel happy this women’s day..

I was talking to a friend a while back and she told me that during a regular shopping trip to the nearby mall with her 3 year old daughter she caught herself unconsciously being conscious about her surroundings, taking note of who was around, who was watching her, and if anyone was following her?? And guess the reason – “She was dressed in jeans and T- shirt”

Is this how we have to live? In a perennial state of paranoia? Roop says we are physically weaker so no wonder women are being treated as second class citizens. She talks about being emotionally strong. But can emotional strength deter physically stronger men out there just to take advantage?
Monika has been talking about this too but will signing petitions help?

I don’t have a solution but for starters I feel a woman is as safe as she thinks she is. Carry a pepper spray and learn some self protection arts.
We all want to live in a world which will not raise eyebrow on seeing a single female walking on the road late in the night all by herself. We all want to wear what we want without the fear of some mishap happening.
I don’t want to drag Aman with me every time I go to pick up something from the nearby grocery store just because it’s dark.

But sadly we don’t live in such a world and maybe I am being pessimist but I don’t think I ever will.

So this woman’s day I just don’t feel like wishing you “happy women’s day”

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16 Responses to I don’t feel happy this women’s day..

  1. >Second class citizien ? how ? why ?Mom – The most respected and is a woman.Cheer up !!!

  2. >I don’t want to drag Aman with me every time I go to pick up something from the nearby grocery store just because it’s dark.When you want something, really want something, you will start working towards it …I am more optimistic Iya, because basically except for the anti-social elements, everybody wants the same thing in life. Peace, tolerance, happiness, safety … let’s all do our bit and we can’t do that Iya if we don’t believe our efforts will bring any change …It does look really bad though ..

  3. Monika says:

    >I know what u mean Iya… the point of signing petitions is that it will create awareness and in the latest post there were other initiatives too…its high time we women stand up for ourselves… trust me thats the ONLY WAY OUTI understand what ur friend meant, I was out in a calf length skirt and a strapped top yesterday and hubby was worried… he kept telling me lets walk… and thats what we have to change… we have to stand up against it

  4. Monika says:

    >and yes happy women’s day… its a day to be proud of being a women…

  5. >world goes the way u want it to. thats what i feel. celebrate being a lady.. its worth it. happy woman’s day 🙂

  6. Deeps says:

    >’I don’t want to drag Aman with me every time I go to pick up something from the nearby grocery store just because it’s dark.’The world is increasingly becoming unsafe by the day and I totally understand your predicament,Iya,being a woman myself.Despite that lets not stop living our lives the way we want to.Let us celebrate womanhood in the best possible way:)

  7. Mama - Mia says:

    >things will get better. they have to.whats life without a dollop of hope and some action every now and then?!

  8. Solilo says:

    >Women deserves equality and justice. Till everyone gets that irrespective of gender, sadly we need a day to commemorate women.I don’t consider myself physically weak because I am a woman. I have learned Taekwondo as a teen and have slapped a guy when he misbehaved with me. If you are corned by couple of goons then male or female doesn’t matter.

  9. Solilo says:

    >cornered nor corned*. Typo 🙂

  10. neha says:

    >This world doesnt shape itself acc to ur wishes…stop expecting things from society..be strong…I personally believe that “i dont care” what people are thinking or looking at…Njoy,and Happy Woman’s Day…

  11. >oh i feel just the same. living in bangalore all life, this is probably the first year i felt so unsafe and felt the real worthlessness of a women’s day,, sorry to say, but still..

  12. Iya says:

    >@ Hobo – why don’t all men think like that??@ IHM – we are all doing more than our Bit IHM but such incidents like the ones that have happened in b’lore over the past few weeks have left me in a state of disillusion!!@ Monica – i am proud of who i am, every single day!!!i know what u mean.. but sometimes even education fails..

  13. Iya says:

    >@ Shruti – how can i celebrate when there is so much wrong happening everywhere..@ Deeps – that’s true, we cant stop living but at the same time i couldn’t help but feel the pain of all that is happening in our society..@Abha – ya, i am usually not a pessimist but that post was written in one of those moods..

  14. Iya says:

    >@ Solilo – in one way what u say is right but then when mob descents on you with the intention on humiliating you, no amount of physical strength can make a difference…till women are seen as only object of sexual gratification this plight wont change!!@ Neha – again its fine that you don’t care but when one has to be safe rather than sorry…@ Sneha – u understand don’t u?? its happening right here!!

  15. >I agree to what you say ..though I am optimist to the core and enjoy all kind of occassions …lately even i am finding it hard to celebrate the days ( be it V day , women day , friendship day ) with the enthu and zeal that uesd to ….First I thoughts its just that I am growing up (not getting old), but thje real raeson is there is no true meaning in celebrating all these days …when u are treated like a second ratecitizen , when there is no true love but relations , when there are less friends and more companions …

  16. Mampi says:

    >Women’s day or no women’s day-a woman is safe, emancipated the day she speaks out, the day she lashes out the way she wants to.One day she will.

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