Little one is not so little anymore

My younger sister has just started working. Now it’s a completely different story that I find it hard to believe that this little kid is going to office every day. She is yet to finish her course but the company where she got placed insisted that she start work right away. In normal circumstances her B School wouldn’t have agreed but I guess recession made them go with company’s decision.

With this all hopes of her having a good vacation at home before starting out with her corporate career came crashing down. She shifted to Mumbai the same day and joined office next morning.

Unbelievable!!! Coz for me she still remains the little one who loves to sleep. It’s hard to imagine that this brat dresses in formal business attire and reaches office on time. It’s equally hard to imagine that this little one will have her own money from next month. Now this little one is staying all by herself, managing her life on her own. Most of you wouldn’t find any big deal in that but I do because for me she still is my little girl.

This little one wants to surprise mom by getting her a new AC this summer. If this statement made me teary eyed god knows how mom will react to it.

I still clearly remember the day when she got a gold medal in Javelin throw in school. She was in Class 2 then. I still clearly remember how Dad and I dropped her for the painting competition and she made us so proud by getting the first prize. I still clearly remember the day when she wore a Sari for the first time for her school farewell and how stunning she looked. From painting lessons to being an athlete, from playing basketball to learning karate and yoga, from learning shorthand (yes even that) to being an exceptional swimmer, from trying her hand at cooking to being an excellent dancer this girl has been there and done that. Add to this the fact that she sings like a dream. With all this I had never imagined she would do well academically also.

Today when my little sister is almost an MBA and has kick started her corporate career there is no one who is happier (ok fine mom and dad are close!!!).Here is wishing her a very bright and a fulfilling career ahead.

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28 Responses to Little one is not so little anymore

  1. mindspace says:

    >you are a sweet sweet elder sister she must be loving to have.. kudos to the sister love and grand wishes for her career..

  2. Mumbai Diva says:

    >I too have a younger sister so I know exactly how you feel. Wait till she decides to get married….you’ll feel as if your heart is getting ripped out. And you’ll have to prevent yourself real hard from going up to the groom and saying…’you hurt her and you’re dead’:)

  3. Monika says:

    >iya… this post had me teary eyed too… i have two younger sisters and i know what u mean…they are like ur babies aren’t they? and like babies they grow up fast too…lovely post

  4. Monika says:

    >@Mumbai Diva,big grin at that 🙂 u hurt her and u are dead… i am afraid i wont be able to stop myself doing that

  5. Masood says:

    >Best wishes to your sis at the start of her corporate life. And ask her to follow her elder sis’s footsteps.

  6. Pinku says:

    >Iya,thats such a lovely post….all the very best for the two of you. She is a stunner by the way…the guys will be all asking you her details 😉

  7. Iya says:

    >@ Tara – thanks Tara but really I am not that sweet… we fight a lot too…@ Mumbai Diva – oh god, that’s scary… I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself.@ Monika – completely, she is my baby and though I am only 4 yrs elder to her sometimes I feel as if she is my daughter@ Masood – Thanks buddy… and why should I ask her to follow my footstep. Maine kaunsa teer mar liya hai??@ Pinku – thanks Pinku.. she is a looker.. grin!!!

  8. >i know what you mean. I have a sis too who is in her final graduation year and I cannot believe she’s grown so much. All the best to your sis.

  9. roopscoop says:

    >awwww u’re such a sweetheart. what’s the age diff between u two? best of wishes to your sis. may she have all the success in her life. 🙂

  10. Iya says:

    >A – Thanks ya@ Roop – i am a good 4 years elder to her but sometimes i do feel as if she is my daughter!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    >awwwwwwwwwww. all the best to her.Cynic in Wonderland

  12. Solilo says:

    >Such posts touch me so much. Siblings! This was so sweet, Iya. All the best to her.I am 4 years older to my little brother. I still think he is that cute little baby I used to play with. Just like you feel for your sister, I consider him my son.

  13. Masood says:

    >yeah, teri baat bhi sahi hai 😉 Awain bol diya tha tujhe khush karne ke liye… :p

  14. ~anu~ says:

    >this took me back to good ol’ days. its so difficult to imagine neha working. yeh bachcha kab bada ho gaya bhai! lots of love to her and i am a proud didi too 🙂

  15. Iya says:

    >@ Cyn – Thanks :)@ Solilo – even i am 4 years elder to her but 🙂 all the best to ur bro!!@ Masood – :p tu na nahi sudrega@ Hobo – Thanks!!@ Anu – i know u r proud di…looking at her i realize how grown up i am!!!

  16. Mama - Mia says:

    >:)that was such a sweet post Iya!all the best to your sis! may she have a rocking life ahead!cheers!

  17. roopscoop says:

    >four eh? we have 9 years between me and me bro. imagine the parenting relationship there. it’s not just imaginary. it does exist. i hear ya. hehe

  18. Priya says:

    >That is a very sweet post. Reminds me of my cousin who just got married on 14th Feb and though she is my cousin, is much closer to me then a real sis could have been. I could not go for the marriage and till date miss seeing this little one all decked up as a bride. On this note, God Bless my sister and yours too!!!

  19. Deeps says:

    >How touching,Iya!I have a brother who is 5years younger to me.I went through the same emotional ride when he started working a few years back.Not that I have come to terms with it.He is still my kid brother and when he talks of looking after our parents and renovating the house and all that I really get all emotional.Thanks for sharing.Do wish your sister all the very best in life:)

  20. Jagjit says:

    >Cheers to sisterhood. 🙂 and all the best to your sister.

  21. >Iya, there is something about being elder sibling, we almost adopt our younger ones ..good luck to your sis for her career …

  22. Kanupriya says:

    >Good to read about Neha, all the best to her.

  23. Iya says:

    >@ Abha – 🙂 thanks lady!!@ Roop – if i feel this way with 4 years diff i wonder how u wud feel with 9!!!@ Priya – yup, god bless the sisters.. they are one of the loveliest people!!

  24. Iya says:

    >@ Deeps – yeah, its difficult to accept!!@ Jagjit – Thanks!!@ On the wings – thts tru..thanks..@ Kanu – Thanks glad to see u here..

  25. Reflections says:

    >That was a beautiful post!!!! Ur affection is so evident. Did she read the post????I too have a younger sister whom I was quite possessive of. While my parents were trying to get her married off, I used to reject all the guys on her behalf coz no guy was too good for my sister;-PNow we lead different lives & are not even in touch daily but the bond is strong:-))

  26. Mampi says:

    >Such a cute post. Good luck to her.And she was a javelin thrower in class 2? That is when she was 7 or 8 years of age? Wow, great.

  27. Iya says:

    >@ Reflections – ya she did and she choose to sms me rather than write her comment here..@ Mampi – she was, must have been 7 yrs i guess..

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