Kiran Bedi and No Marks – II (maybe there is a reason)

Aman bought this link to my notice. Thanks love.
Kiran Bedi says –
“Beauty is like spotless character and this cream redefines beauty by not making you fair, but giving good and clear skin. It is an honest product just like my causes.”
She added,
“A portion from the sale of each pack will go to drug addiction and women welfare centres.”
She wants to add a hall to her drug addiction centre with the proceeds.
Maybe it makes some sense. Maybe I was too quick to write that post.
I am ok with the second statement but first one still sounds ameturish to me. Being from the marketing domain I still maintain that there is a major mismatch between the product and the brand ambassador.
Having said that, the fact that a part of the proceeds will go for a good cause is impressive. Now we have to wait and see if people will really buy the product.
I again want to reiterate that I have nothing against her; in fact I respect her for what she has been. But as a marketer I can’t help but analyze the combination.
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31 Responses to Kiran Bedi and No Marks – II (maybe there is a reason)

  1. >I appreciate the company vision.I am 110% sure the sale will increase.Serial on TV by Kiran Bedi – The major reason.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >I think it is a very different concept and the cause is worthy of generating sales..I don’t think it is a bad needs some new experimentation even if small companies do it.

  3. @lankr1ta says:

    >It is still a product used to objectify someone…. and Kiran Bedi endorsing it somehow does send out the message that no matte who you are, however accomplished, you need clear skin.

  4. >I saw her speak just last month and she joked that she was no marketer. Maybe she got bad advice – but I agree she still one of the most remarkable women I have ever met.

  5. Anonymous says:

    >Thanks for this follow-up post.

  6. Indyeah says:

    >hmmmm lets seemaybe we are being too quick..

  7. Solilo says:

    >I think the reaction was to someone like Kiran Bedi promoting it. Otherwise even before and after delivery one applies no stretch marks creams. Many use under eye creams, deep pigmentation creams. I mean all this does enhance our skin.

  8. ~anu~ says:

    >thank god for this post. i have tremendous respect for the lady. thanks aman, you rock! 🙂

  9. Iya says:

    >@ Hobo – lets wait and watch@ Anonymous – only the cause clicks for me, otherwise there is nothing great in the idea@ @lankr1ta – welcome to my blog. The grand idea is about clarity here!!!@ areason2write – i agree, i have immense respect for her.. thats y i was upset initially..

  10. Iya says:

    >@ Anonymous – i write what touches me, initially i was upset so i wrote that post and then somehow it made little sense so i wrote this one..glad u r happy@ Indyeah – ya lets wait and watch@ Solilo – exactly my point.. reaction was on her..@ Anu – i respect her and thats y i was upset and thats exactly the reason y i wrote this post because even i was looking for an answer…

  11. Pinku says:

    >agree with you …..more than anything else…it brings down Ms. Bedi in my eyes…i would expect her to be associated with something more substantial and vital.Hey….check out this….will want to know what u think about it.

  12. >do u really believe the reasons for advertising these celebs give???

  13. Kanupriya says:

    >Read this as well as previous post…Even I have tremendous respect for that lady, but watching her in nomarks ad was sort of disappointment. I read the other link too about the contribution for good cause etc. but I don't think a lady of her stature needs to promote any cosmetic cream. In fact for me she has always been a representative of true feminine beauty – beauty which is beyond any complexion, skin or external facial attribute! Considering my respect for Ms. Bedi, I would always like her to represent that real beauty – beauty of personality, beauty of strength & beauty of inner soul!

  14. Kanupriya says:

    >Same comment was posted thrice, hence deleted two of them 🙂

  15. >probably it goes deeper than that. maybe just maybe the company is trying to link the concept of having a clean, no mark face to being as important as having a clean and no mark life and Kiran Bedi being the person she is and all that she stands for, exemplifies the mark free life. a long shot but a shot nontheless 🙂 the phrase you outlined however does not support this thought completely.

  16. anusha says:

    >ummm…. k … so there’s a social cause and all that … but …. NO MARKS ???!!!! really ???? it’s still very very disappointing …. and in some ways in portrays women as a piece of meat ….

  17. Priya says:

    >Well, I can understand your dilemma here. I was amused to see that advertisement. The product, the ambassador and the clothes she wear…all look a mismatch to eyes. Though, like you I respect her substance!

  18. >I appreciate what made you write this second post. A wish to be fair. That’s the kind of fairness I would endorse!Like I said earlier in an award ceremony (!!!), here’s a blogger with a strong conscience!

  19. DeeplyDip says:

    >i agree with you…the two brands do not match. We can always find ways to convince people of our opinion, but end of the day a good match is always the one which doesn’t need to be explained…

  20. Jagjit says:

    >Once a marketer. Always a marketer.Just like any other profession. Once sees things under the influence of his/her type of work. Esp if you put your heart in your work. That’s a sign for your bosses to give you a promotion, isn’t it? hehe 🙂

  21. Iya says:

    >@ Pinku – right, this association doesn’t sound right@ Alice – not always, but for Ms Bedi i want to take an exception@ Kanupriya – Bingo, that’s what i feel too..

  22. Iya says:

    >@ A – ya, y makes sense@ Anusha – thats an extreme stand!!!@ Priya – thats the excat reason i wrote this second post

  23. Iya says:

    >@ IHM – thanks :), i was looking for an answer u logic says something but my respect for her makes me see something else@ Deeply Dip – Bingo… the mismatch is huge..@ Jagjit – thanks for the favor.. not sure if bosses reads this!!

  24. Mama - Mia says:

    >:)yup! its for a good cause n all accha hai! but like you i still find it tad weird!cheers!

  25. >reeks of rationalization actually. hmmm.

  26. ruggedboy says:

    >hello Miss Bhatia i totally agree with what i say, and the only reason i can trace is she is one of the cheapest celebs known, what if she is a total mismatch and people like ash denying to endorse these beauty creams atleast this one doesnt say of skin lightening and that more me is a welcome change, they all sell let sell in apna desh where light skin is the order of the day lets see if kiran contributes and yes i agree chances are pretty low take care bye ruggedboy

  27. ruggedboy says:

    >correction their what “u” say not “i” say and its what with people like not people like in line 3 and and in line 5 its that for me is more a and not that more me is a welcome

  28. Masood says:

    >O Iya, Where art thou? Missing from action for a week.

  29. Reflections says:

    >I thk the advertisers modified the ad a bit…coz when I first saw it…the same doubts occurred to me….or mayb I didnt see the full ad then..cant be too sure.Came to tell u that U’ve been Tagged!!!!!!

  30. >You really can’t access WordPress from your office?:(

  31. Anonymous says:

    >Guys, you people have probably not even seen all the ads. think these r gret. For the first time i am seeing any company not endorsing Fair color or Gora Rang as beauty. I am seeing all the ads after i got curious reading all these mails. I must say, it is courageous. To speak up for the color of your skin as good? Well, i am not fair complexioned, and i know how i have been looked down upon by people around me. I think its for people like me that Kiran Bedi are saying, that beauty is not monopoly of any color, its just that your skin should be Nomarks- unblemished.In my view its great job.And guys, would you give one rupee of your hard earned money for charity day on day. I read some one bring out the fact that company is giving out one rupee for charity. We should all be ashamed of ourselves saying that kiran bedi has done anything cheap.Kudos Ms Bedi! Fully support you. I will go and buy Nomarks

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