Chicken Biryani Conquered

I have never in my life made chicken Biryani. I haven’t even seen one being made. Basically my relationship with chicken Biryani is that of a completely finished product.
Add to that the fact that both Aman and me completely drool over this dish. And since Bangalore has some awesome places which make out of this world Biryani, it never struck me that I should try my hand at cooking this dish.

Now this Thursday I had this brilliant brain wave where I felt like cooking Chicken Biryani myself. It was one of those days when I behave like one overtly devoted wife and want to pamper my pati dev no end. When I suggested the same to him he almost fell of his chair. There was this stunned expression on his face. Not that I am a bad cook and all that.

The reason which he then explained to me in the most earnest way was that he absolutely loves Chicken Biryani and he couldn’t let me play with his deep affection for the same. What if it didn’t come out well, what if it didn’t taste good, what if I forced him to eat it no matter how it tasted, aah too many questions!!!

I couldn’t believe my ears. How could he question my culinary skills? Not that I am an out of this world cook but then I am not bad too. In fact I am quite good, or so the people who have tasted my creations can say (I am fishing for compliments, Anu, Kanu and Nidhi, listening??)

So the wounded me, wiped the silent tear and got down to making Rajma Chawal, which by the way was oh so delicious. (I am not bragging, Aman plz tell them!!!). With this Aman thought that the Biryani tale would be over for good. But me had better ideas.

The very next day, after office I straight went to the nearest mall to buy chicken. Now this is something I have never done before for the reason that I can’t stand the smell.
This time I had a reason and even the smell couldn’t deter me. After having taken a thorough tutorial on “How to make Chicken Biryani” from a friend (god bless her), I was all set.
Aman usually comes home very late, so the idea was to make it, taste it and shove it in the dustbin if it wasn’t good.
If it was good then present it with all the fanfare.

But on this day he decided to come home on time, and with that he caught me in the process on making it. His expressions changed; the same incredulous look. But being the nice soul he is he silently stepped out of the kitchen muttering a hushed prayer.
Post that, I got on to the Biryani with a rejuvenated vengeance. Finally after an hour of sweating and puffing the “Biryani” was ready. And it did look quite good. I wish I had clicked some pictures!!!

I served and waited, and he took his time to come to the dinning table (for obvious reasons). He sat, my hear skipped a beat. He tasted and I almost fainted. And then he smiled, ah that lovely smile and then he hugged me. He said it was delicious. Had he not seen me making it he wouldn’t have believed I could have made it.
Woah, what a relief!!! And then I ate some too and trust me guys it was awesome.

So, who wants to eat the Iya special Chicken Biryani??

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42 Responses to Chicken Biryani Conquered

  1. >I want to eat please…I’m a HUGE biryani fan. giv me biryani anytime and I’ll eat it. in fact I have some store bought biryani in my fridge which is not great but I will still finish every morsel of it.Recipe, Recipe, Recipe, Recipe, Recipe, Recipe, Recipe! 🙂

  2. Aman says:

    >Hey…it was awesome… She doesn’t brag about her cooking talent but trust me she is an awesome cook…Testimonial for Rajmah – Babes they were out of the world….

  3. >Congrats ! Congrats ! Congrats !

  4. Goofy Mumma says:

    >I do! Tell me when should I drop in? And don’t you think its mean of you not to share the recipe here?

  5. Kanupriya says:

    >मैं कनुप्रिया, “confessions of shopaholic” (this is my recent bible you know :D) पे हाथ रख कर कसम खाती हूँ कि श्रीमती इया मल्होत्रा बहुत ही स्वादिष्ट दाल मखनी और पालक पनीर बनाती है. इस बात में कोई शक नहीं है कि श्रीमती इया एक बेहतरीन कुक है 🙂

  6. Iya says:

    >@ Just Call me A – anytime babes, i will happily cook for u..@ Aman – ahmm, someone is being all honest on my blog!! me likes it..@ Hobo – Thanks!!!

  7. Iya says:

    >@ Goofy Mumma – drop in when ever u like, i will surely make some for u.. recipe, was very simple, will put it up..@ Kanu – Srimati Iya Malhotra aapki aabhari the we will be neighbors soon, here’s hoping for many more lunches and dinners together..

  8. Mama - Mia says:

    >me!! when do i come over?! :)cheers!abha

  9. ~anu~ says:

    >conquered!!!! way to go! 🙂 yeah i can be testimonial to the fact that you are an excellent cook. i guess iya’s forte is not merely cooking delicious food (that’s important and she gets full points for that) but also presentation.. and not to forget sometimes naming them too! i remember some ten years back she made some nimbu-paani, added some mint to it, served in a splendid looking glass with crushed ice and called it tropical summer drink and others went wowwww! 🙂 good job iya! 🙂

  10. >man o man o mann now you start cooking biryani? why weren’t u adventurous enough while i was in blore?n whats with all the biryani obsession by bloggers? there is a mention of it now in either every post or owe me a biryani on my next visit to blore!

  11. Solilo says:

    >Iya, I love Biriyani. Mutton Biriyani is my favorite though Chicken would do too. So send my way. :))Congratulations! mission accomplished.

  12. chandni says:

    >Same thing at our place. the difference being the Boy made the biryani, I pitched in with mirchi ka saalan and raita. Total hyderabadi style….cooked in dum…hey u’re in delhi…we should meet 🙂

  13. Iya says:

    >@ Abha – now.. come over now!!@ Anu – u don’t seem to forget that, do u… what kids we were and what fun we had, Tropical summer and all that.. and thanks for the unabashed compliments you just showered on me..@ Masood – I have loved biryani all my life… Remember Lazeez and then Dekhni Degh?? And adventurous I am, only the right chord needs to be struck!!!

  14. Iya says:

    >@ Solilo – a major mission accomplished!! @ Cyn – thanks, recepie no rocket science. .will share@ Chandni – wow, lots of Biryani fans out there.. and I am not in Delhi.. what gave u that idea? Me in b’lore and would love to meet.

  15. Indyeah says:

    >I am a vegetarian but thoroughly enjoyed the post:Dgreat going…the chicken biryani frontier conquered eh?:D

  16. Pinku says:

    >I love the stuff too…..please do share the receipe….and whenever i come down to your city…remember I will need to eat the Iya Special too… 🙂

  17. Imp's Mom says:

    >Me Me Me… I luv Mutton biryani, but chicken would do too…. :DCongrats!

  18. >Congrtaz….. could u try veg biryani 2 n giv me the recepie 🙂

  19. Monika says:

    >lovely lovely post iya, the way u have captured feelings i almost went flashback 5yrs when I first told N that I know how to make chicken biryani 🙂 :)and needless to say me… so when do i come over?

  20. SMM says:

    >Hey first time here…the biryani sure sounds yummmm.If your a mutton fan, will be glad to share a super-smple mutton biryani recipie too. I’m a bong, for me biryani is mutton.That said, I’d sure love to taste your chicken biryani 🙂

  21. Avaran says:

    >whoa… congrats…hey you write very funnily… (is that a word? hmm inwys)

  22. Anand says:

    >Awwwww…jus when I hv decided to go the VEG way….SHucks man……Where WERE YOU when my selfish stomach and me were all ready n slurpy???? dammit !!

  23. >Now I am veg so I can’t taste it but I loved reading the process of it being made … the lovely story, I was smiling through this really sweet post… I am laughing at the thought of YOUR faces when your he came home unexpectedly… and the suspense until he tasted it.

  24. >iya mail the recipe shall put it up on the cooking site –

  25. mindspace says:

    >the title of this post is interesting.. and one more hand raised for recipe pls.. so will be waiting to see it up.also, this header pic looks familiar and O'wow.. is this goa, taj fort aguada? good to see blogs being updated with such soothing natural beauties..& congratulations for all the compliments u hv been getting above. why no PIC baby why no PIC>>??

  26. >Congratulations hai!!

  27. Iya says:

    >@ Indyeah – thanks lady!!@ Pinku – tu aa toh sahi.. @ Imps – lets do a pot lunch some day, u make mutton and I’ll do the chicken and our Monika babe will do the rest!!!

  28. Iya says:

    >@ Alice – sure wud and will treat u too..come over..@ Monika – thanks, lets meet up ya… high time…@ SMM – welcome to my page and hope to see u come back..i am not a mutton fan he is.. do share the recipe

  29. Iya says:

    >@ Avaran – thanks so much, I don’t care if Funnily is a word or not, as long as u r giving me a compliment..@ Anand – LOL, so sad.. @ IHM – thanks dear.. it was funny though, it was like being caught red handed doing something u were so asked to stay away from!!

  30. Iya says:

    >@ Cyn – that sounds like a good idea.. do I get paid too?? ^_^@ Tara – where were u missing?? Yeah me too happy about the feat!! And u r bang on, the header is Taj Fort Aguda, Goa..what a place it is!!@ How do we know – thanks hai!!!

  31. Solilo says:

    >Iya, Which place is that in your header? It’s beautiful!

  32. Iya says:

    >@ Solilo – thats Goa. The Taj Fort Aguda resort.. its awesome!!

  33. Swetha Iyer says:

    >Hahah nice one. Cooking is yet one unconquered bastion for me.

  34. mindspace says:

    >Pls read my latest post… i had mentioned lil hint of it in earlier posts as well though 😮

  35. Monika says:

    >oh ya so convenient I will do the rest but if the guests are u and imp’s mom I will happily do it 🙂

  36. Imp's Mom says:

    >haha! what fun… we should do so sometime… damn…wish I was still in B’lore!

  37. Iya says:

    >@ swetha – thanks lady, how have u been?@ Tara – oh yes i remember, vipasna, right? i have been too caught up lately. no blog reading for a while..need to catch up..@ Monika – u r the sweetest, thats why i wrote it..@ Imps Mom – i wish the same too.. are u visiting sometime soon?

  38. >Hey ….You’ve become my inspiration to cook now! I am so terrified of entering the kitchen since I have a husband who has super sensitive taste buds and is bound to bring down the house even if one thing is amiss 😀 But i have to start somewhere someday! I shall do so on Saturday 🙂

  39. Preeti says:

    >I am too a big Biryani fan started with Hydrabad , where I used to stay in a hostel near paradise …so it was biryani in dinner and half part of re-heated biryani day lunch …and now its the only thing that I eat in my offc cafe.. so its been biryani for 75% of my lunch in last 2 and half years ..I must try it some day !! and i know who will taste it ( or I have to force to try )..:-)

  40. Mampi says:

    >when would i learn it? Pray for me too,

  41. hema says:

    >Hi!! Your recipe is awesome..I really loved cooking it and it turned out very husband loved there a mutton biryani recipe too???

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