Virtual meets the Real

And so it happened. Without too much planning. Without going to and fro. One ping, followed by one suggestion on place and time. And lo behold, we met.

Who you may ask – our very own Monika, I say. And what a meeting it was. It was a weekday so I rushed straight from office. And was there dot on time, only to see the Red Cedia parked already. I obviously had no issues in spotting her in the crowded coffee shop. We hugged as if we were some long lost friends catching up over cup of coffee. And conversation just flew. Not even for a second there was an uncomfortable silence. Not even for a second were we stuck on what to say next. Least to say, it was delightful. The first peek at the watch shocked me no end. 2 hours had gone by and we hadn’t realized.

After meeting her yesterday, I am still wondering why it took so long. I should have met her ages back.

This was the first time I had met someone from the Blog World. I had major plans of meeting Mampi and Pinku when I had ventured to Delhi and Punjab earlier this year and unfortunately no plans materialized, thanks to the exhaustive wedding preparations from which I couldn’t pull myself away even for a few hours. I even planned meeting Mumbai Diva when I was in Bombay in May but even that didn’t work due to last minute flight changes.

Thinking about 10 years back, I would have been so closed on interacting with strangers. I would have died before following someone I didn’t know (reference to twitter). Chat and emails to people I haven’t met or didn’t know would be out of question. But now I see myself so open to these things. When I started blogging I hardly did interact with anyone. I used to sms Aman and my friend Anu and would tell them that the blog has been updated and that they should go read it. Then, almost a year back things changed, not sure how, but yeah I started opening up as a blogger. And now there are these real people most of whom I didn’t know before they left that comment or before I stumbled into their spaces. This is a world in itself and it’s a delightful place.

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30 Responses to Virtual meets the Real

  1. Masood says:

    >Phew..finally I managed to come first somewhere!!

  2. Meira says:

    >You two met up….oh that's so great 🙂 ( n of course I envy the lucky two of you)n I'l meet you all too, when I come to Bangalore…and Iya will take me to Purple Haze 🙂

  3. Swati says:

    >cool ! BTW..I came here from Monika's

  4. Iya says:

    >@ MAsood – u get i gold medal as ur big prize. Please come and collect it from Bangalore!!!@ Meira – Done deal!! u come ya, both Mon and me will take you to Purple Haze..

  5. Iya says:

    >hey Swati, welcome to my blog..

  6. Monika,Ansh says:

    >Exactly how I felt when I met M4. It's great how friendships can form over blogworld.

  7. Monika says:

    >so u beat me to it :)it was a pleasure meeting u iya… i had a blast and like u said never for a mi felt that we are meeting for the first time I felt as if I am meeting a long lost friend :)hugs@Meira,yes yes and more yes to purple haze come soooon

  8. Iya says:

    >@ Monika, Ansh – so true and now i want to meet so many more bloggers including u :)@ Hobo – LOL, aayega…@ Monika – yeah i beat u to it..which was very unlikely na..but for prosterity sake u shud do a post too coz i am sure ur version will be a fun read too

  9. >*Sigh* So many blog meets happening :(I gotta meet someone and blog abt it soon 😛

  10. Mumbai Diva says:

    >oh, how nice. wish we had been able to meet.

  11. Solilo says:

    >YAY! finally it happened and that too not much planning. More power to girl friends. As you said, I still am wary of meeting strangers or chatting to random people but after reading blogs, you pretty much get an idea of how a person actually is and how would you vibe with them. So then interaction becomes easier. So nice to hear that you two had a fabulous time. 🙂

  12. Mama - Mia says:

    >very very cool!! 🙂 good for ya!and yes this blog world is a fun place to be! :)cheers!

  13. Jagjit says:

    >:) U bet it is an awesome place. been long i read ur blog. it's good to come back. take care.

  14. >Sounds like the perfet day!Just reinforces my feelings for blogging! 🙂

  15. D says:

    >How nice! With that attitude you're going to make so many friends!

  16. >wow….on the header. been away for a short while and so many changes everywhere. ..and wow on you two meeting :). You'll definitely meet me when I come to bangalore. i'll come barging into your Wipro office 😀 searching for the "White rain" LOL!

  17. Serendipity says:

    >hey, where you at! long time no post.. 🙂

  18. >Hi Iya, so true…when we look back and compare to what we are today, there are many things that has changed- be it our attitude towrs certain things in life, how we perceive and our acceptance to certain things….I always surprise myself with such instances..

  19. >Wow sounds like such fun!!! I read Monika's post also and some other posts (Mampi's too long ago) on blogging friends meeting in real life and feeling like they have known each other… awesome 🙂

  20. Pixie says:

    >It was lovely meeting you! 🙂

  21. IMCurtain says:

    >Lovely post! Dropping by…p/s: We would like to invite all of you to join our blogging community which helps you to get more visitors to your blogs. It's totally free and you get the chance to meet other celebrity bloggers. Visit us at IMCurtain

  22. Iya says:

    >@thesongofmylife – you will very soon @ Mumbaidiva – I know, I hope we do someday!!@Solilo – yay to girl friends, and u know what, Mon was just as I had thought she will be!!@ Abha – we will too meet soon baby!!

  23. Iya says:

    >@Jagjit – u have disappeared dude, see u around more often…@M4 – yes it was..@D – but will u be open to meeting? Just wondering since u r anon@A – hey babe, missed u.. and don’t u worry. Ur barging into Wipro wont be needed. I will be more than eagerly waiting for you..

  24. Iya says:

    >@Serendipity – ah, just caught up in what u call life..@Shruti – change is the way baby..@IHM – I want to meet u too someday@Pixie – ditto my feelings @ImCurtain – thanks

  25. workhard says:

    >Hey.. i know some of the ppl that i have met on blogworld are sweethearts.. i would have never thought i would be so close to a person i have never seen before.. Work from home India

  26. Mampi says:

    >Every time you travel up north, I get a hunch u would want to contact.Still waiting to see u though, kbhi na kbhi.

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