Long live Twitter!!

Thanks to a bunch of awesome guys I am following on twitter, I could live my moments of history yesterday. Yes, I am talking about the beautiful innings Sachin played. I mean 200 runs in an ODI. This is exceptional and I have a feeling that this record won’t be broken that easily. It was like God himself was thrashing the SA bowlers all over. It was poetry in motion.

All kinds of cricket sites are blocked in office. The popular ones and the vague ones. Everything. There is absolutely no way of knowing the score. I usually call Aman or dad to find out the latest.

But yesterday was different. Although I shall regret not watching this live for a long long time to come, I nevertheless felt the excitement and the tension, sitting right here in office, thanks to twitter.

The countdown started when Sachin was at 185. And then each ball was broadcasted on twitter, in those 140 words. With anti-jinxes, nervous 190’s, slamming Dhoni, it was like seeing everything live.

With hashtags such as #sachinisgod, #sachin, #cricket, it wasn’t difficult to keep track of what was happening in Gwalior.

Thanks to @meIHM @SupriyaMM @confusedsoul @theevilp @manuscrypts @kushanmitra @trailblazr @hitchwriter for making me live those awesome moments!!!

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5 Responses to Long live Twitter!!

  1. masood says:

    >hehe yes. you know every time I tweeted about Sachin getting to a 100 or something over the last 2 months, he used to get out. So this time, just so that I don't jinx, I did not tweet. Not a single one till he got to 200. But I really enjoyed reading tweets and enjoying the tension. It was the greatest innings in one day cricket history.

  2. Monika says:

    >no mention of me 😦 😦 it was a great moment i agree good to see u back blogging

  3. soul speaks says:

    >Hi, Great to see you back, I used to visit your blog every day in the hope of finding something new, as I do not have much trust on my google reader. Nice to see you back, keep blogging.take careRekha

  4. SMM says:

    >Your welcome 🙂

  5. Meira says:

    >And with that I tag you for IndusLadies Contest at http://happyhoursbeginhere.wordpress.com/2010/02/25/give-up-or-give-in/Game? Last date's 25th feb, guess i'm a lil late.

  6. It was great being on twitter during this historical (and lol hysterical) moment … I am so, so glad we all enjoyed this together :)))If anything could have made the moment more special for me, it was all of us being together 🙂

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