>Why be rude..


When smile can do? No really, why?

This is why I say so:

My return flight from Singapore to Bangalore was completely full. For obvious reasons I couldn’t do e check in, which meant that my getting a good seat was left to chance. And when one leaves things to chance, the worse usually happens. So I was given the center seat in the middle aisle. I was tired and all I could think of was reaching home on time.

So I boarded and settled down with a book. On one side was a middle aged gentleman. The other seat was empty but not for too long. After a few seconds, a huge middle aged woman walked in. When I say huge I mean really huge. I am not being judgmental here. Her size was really really big. Big enough to ensure that half her shoulder was on my seat, her legs were in-front of my foot rest, and the center arm rest was lifted up to accommodate her.

She looked visibly uncomfortable in settling in. And like any other person I too felt bad for her. So I decided to make as much space for her as I could. Just after we had taken off, she suddenly turned to me asking me to keep my hands to myself. I was shocked. I really couldn’t believe my ears. I smiled and said I was on my seat, to which she replied that my elbows were jamming into her. I was stunned enough to forgo a reply.

Now if you are so fat to be on half the seat of your co-passenger, how can you even complain? Here I was, mighty uncomfortable, but still sitting politely to ensure that she was all right. And that’s what I get. Grrrrr.

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10 Responses to >Why be rude..

  1. masood says:

    >Happens. And if you utter one word on how fat she is, you'll risk getting sued. So its a loose-loose situation for you!

  2. Monika says:

    >ufff some people I tell u

  3. Iya says:

    >@ Masood -completly..what irked me was not her size but her temprament..@Monika – i swear..make me a cake no pls…

  4. Swaram says:

    >So damn unfair!

  5. ~anu~ says:

    >I was about to write a comment when i saw your response to Monika's comment above – make me a cake no pls – ???? hehehehehehehhe.. where does that come from! 😀 Monika, please make one for me too no 🙂 And for the co-passenger – Lioness! HOW COULD SOMEONE DO THIS TO YOU??? you should have pushed her to her seat limits.. how was the rest of the journey.. did you politely complain to the crew.. they might have given you an upgrade too..

  6. Mama - Mia says:

    >sigh! sometimes everything just goes against you even when you are being the nicest person on the planet!

  7. Chinkurli says:

    >You should have just poked her in the gut and said, I'm sorry I'm just resting my elbow on MY seat =DSome people deserve all your meanness and some more.

  8. Friends says:

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  9. Reema says:

    >there shld be a weight restriction for passengers too in flights!

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