What’s with parents these days? – Post 1

Disclaimer: I am not a parent, neither am I an expert, nor do I claim to be one. These observations are of a mature adult who is a little aghast by what is happening in the so called urban, upper middle class, households.

How can any one justify bringing kids to movie theaters? I see children of all age groups being subjected to movies. The most recent was spotting these little ones watching iron man and kites. Now please explain what a 4 year old will understand and take back from a movie like Kites and Ironman. Violence, sex, blood, gore and what not. Is it that the parents don’t fathom this or is it that they themselves are so desperate to watch movies that they just don’t care? Whatever be it, arrange for a baby sitter or take turns to come to a theater but please for heaven sake stop damaging your child’s mind.

I have also noticed a lot of parents employing young kids say 10 – 15 years of age to take care of their children? Now firstly, how can their conscience allow them to do so and secondly are they not worried about safety? I see this young house helper not more than 12 yrs take a toddler to play area of my building each day. And trust me it irks me no end.

Another trend that I largely see these days is that these mushrooming reality shows. Each channel has something or the other happening. Its either singing or dancing or comedy!! So stuff that was done solely for fun is now done for money. Kids are crying after being eliminated and so are these parents. Guys get a life. It’s really not worth it.
On the other end are parents who are adamant to make their child a scholar. A colleague of mine was teary eyed when her son got grade B. I guess life ends at that.

Expectations are sky rocketing. Why can’t parents  let these kids be kids and grow up on their own pace. Why the rush. Why do parents want their child to be a master of all trades? Sports, studies, extra curricular.

Are they not loosing their innocence somewhere? Are parents not rushing the eventuality too soon? Is this right?
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12 Responses to What’s with parents these days? – Post 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Great post and True post.

  2. Meira says:

    >Sigh! Scary for us debating whether to have kids or not, no? The kind of competition we face!!!

  3. Aaarti says:

    >Mom keeps saying[w r t education n grades] – kids will do better if parents back off and let them do their own thing!As for movies, i see it and wonder the same… most of them i feel bring kids cos they dont have anyone to take care of them and the parents are despo to get out!!! Teens babysitting has become a common sight these days.. esp north indian families, employe girls of 12-14 n leave their kids with them… sometimes i wonder why such people have kids!!

  4. Pixie says:

    >You are so right! I see this too and especially the Reality shows… once the mom starts crying, the kids cry! The parents even become violent!!How can this be right?And about the movies – I have seen kids being brought in for night shows!! Sad really…Very nice post and so true..

  5. Swaram says:

    >Sigh! I so agree with u on all of them! Esp. with the competition b/w the Mothers based on their kid's grades 😦 😦 Happy many of us future Moms think on better lines though … gng from the comments here I mean 😉 All I hope is that we all stay the same 🙂 🙂

  6. Monika says:

    >u know iya i hate this whole attitude of parenting… there have been numerous times i have had arguments with parents who regularly take kids of theaters and say oh well they sleep after sometime it hardly matters… but what if they dont? and how irritating it is to others when they wail? i am a parent myself and i do understand the need of breaks and likes and the pressures of parenthood but somehow I never ever understood the need to bring a child to cinema…. the reality shows they should be banned… full stop… at times I feel like filling a PIL against them they are doing nothing but harming the kids and sweety its not just north its here too recently when i was looking for a maid, a lady brouht 10 yr old girl to me and when i told her no I wont keep such a small girl she actually looked at me as if i am doing a crime saying madam why are u doing this to her…she will do good work… they just dpont get its her age to study and play sad situation we are in PS: sigh such a long comment… as long as ur post 😉

  7. Imp's Mom says:

    >u knw, the only movie I have seen in the theater after imp was born is wake up sid…simply cause there are no other clean movies..at all. most bring/take their kids to the theater cause they cant leave thm with anybody, but then y can they not wait for the DVD to be out..U gotta compromise somewhere…and the maids..my god..its not only in the north indian families, I have seen it so much here in the South indian families..its disturbing. 10 yr olds looking after toddlers n getting bullied by them n the parents are busy with their social circle…I'd really like to sit down and talk to parents of such kids..i really do wanna do that.

  8. Iya says:

    >All of u are so so right. Why is it that others dont understand. This is basic, no rocket sci!!!And btw where have i mentioned anything about north indian families? i think Imps mom and Monica got confused with Aarti's comment..

  9. Prats says:

    >I do agree with you, I believe a lot of it can be attributed to the Nuclear Families which have become the order of the urban India. Parents now don't have a choice, instead of leaving it to a baby sitter which one might not be sure how they treat kids… They prefer it to bring them along to the cinema.

  10. Pinku says:

    >agree with every point…to top the list….i recently witnessed a five year old at the police station dragged there by her mom who was one in a party of many over some family grievance….now this said mom didnt open her mouth through out the three hours that they were there. but others did and a lot of filthy language was used….I couldnt figure out why a child needed to be brought along for something we would normally try to even save adults from.

  11. Phoenixritu says:

    >True … its sad! Agree to all your points. Parents find it safer to have their kids with them instead of at home with bad or no supervision I guess. Am horrified with Pinku's comment – kids should not be brought to police stations sheesh!Congrats on the blogadda pick

  12. Sundararajan says:

    >A true picture well naratted. But will the change in attitude take place and if so when? A concious realisation on the part of parents is the need of the day.a href="http://www.workfromhomeindia.biz"/a

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