>Has technology made us lame?? Post 15


Like I don’t remember more than 3 phone nos. And if someday the phone conks off, I really wouldn’t know what to do? Not that I haven’t lost phone before, but it has been a struggle to get all the contacts again. Back in the days of only landline phone, I could rattle nos like no ones business. Not just of the obvious ones but of vague ones as well like my mom’s friends driver’s home telephone number.

And now, barring like 3-4 numbers I don’t remember any other!!

Second example is of spellings. Now if not for the spell check feature on Ms Word, half my documents would be utter trash. I have become so complacent while typing that I just don’t bother if a “i” or a “e” is out of place, knowing for sure that my word editor will correct it.

(Very recently I realized that the Auto spell check of my name becomes “Ivy”, that is after a colleague kept sending mails addressed to some Ivy)

There are numerous other things as well, like I don’t even remember when was the last time sent someone a birthday greeting? We wish people on FB and the job is done.

I can think of more, but I need to publish this post right now as its already 12:45 pm and I can’t skip another day!!!

What do you think? Can you come up with more examples?

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5 Responses to >Has technology made us lame?? Post 15

  1. Anonymous says:

    >FB at times does half of my work. The birthday calender remembers the dates and wishes ppl on my behalf. And I am totally confused to see ppl thanking me ;)Memory definitely getting rusted

  2. Bhupesh says:

    >Iya,good one!!!Not only this, due to this technology advances we are slowly going away from our roots too.At my ancestor place, my Dadi and Baba are there who are not tech savvy and are never bothered whether cell is charged or not (most of the time it remains uncharged because of no electricity). The only way through which we can communicate them was through later.Earlier i use to write but slowly the frequency and length kept on decreasing and finally stopped.Few days back I decided to write to them while sending shaurya's picture but I was totally shocked to see that I was not able to write anything (especially telling them about everyone at home) cos there was no SMS lingo no TC things!!! Finally medha wrote it but after lot of trouble..Life is changed!!!!!

  3. Prats says:

    >I so agree with you… There was a time I used to remember so many numbers and now I hardly remember any 😦

  4. Meira says:

    >You're SO right. spell check has ensured that I can never participate in any spelling bee ever 😦

  5. Geetha K says:

    >Yes it has, do you remember how to heat leftover food without microwave :)? I don't.And birthday wishes go to only those these days who have set their bdays on Facebook or Orkut, for others I always forget 😦

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