>Can stop the thing we started..! Post 18


I remember Iya telling me that when she is sitting under a truckload of work, no time to breathe, and all damn milestones were to be met yesterday, she feels an urge to blog. This is not because she wants to run away from work, but because it is her biggest (well almost) stress buster. So in her busiest of days when she did not have time to come out for a cup of coffee, I could see an update in the mail that thewhiterain has updated her blog.

By now you all would have understood this is not Iya writing this post. I am Iya’s friend (I hope this stays after she reads this), and no other description is important. (Because if you don’t like what I am going to write here, I don’t want the curses to be directed to me :))

So people, this stress buster is fast converting into a stress in itself. What was a pleasure before and came straight from the heart, is on the todo list now. EOD for us in this industry meant before next morning and if required one stretches at night, but this milestone is stringent. Clock strikes twelve and you have missed an important deadline. And Iya wants to be home early on weekend nights, which are our biggest unwinding time of the week, to complete what she has started. Someone remember Julie and Julia?

So here I am writing this post (I have hacked her account, easily guessed her password, will pay a price soon) to make an announcement that Iya will be discontinuing NaBloPoMo. This does not mean much to anyone of us except her sadly. Because we love to read her “straight from the heart” posts and it does not matter to us if they come once a day or once a week. We do NOT want her to blog if it means stress and formality. So Iya, kudos for the heroic attempt 😀 but stop it now and get back to your usual self. And go back to freaking out on your weekends.. movies, dinners, and Naturals.. and sleep! Take care. Love you!

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7 Responses to >Can stop the thing we started..! Post 18

  1. >Hope Iya is listening and yeah, don't quit!

  2. Meira says:

    >Hmm. I'm sure you have Iya's best interests at heart, but I also hope that you've got her intentions for participating in NaBloPoMo right too :PWe all have deadlines (who doesn't???) but some of us were determined to complete this piddly little target that we had set for ourself (My target is to become a little more disciplined. And if I can have some fun doing that, why not? Another blogger I know wants her family n friends to understand why blogging is so important to her…so she's participating.) We won't understand each others' reasons for participating in this, but we sure will support each others's decision.Iya, its your call. It's goddamn hectic, but is it still fun?Take care.

  3. Swaram says:

    >I second Meira Iya. Ur call finally 🙂 But we r posting for fun and none of us r posting well-researched and truly logical posts all the time :PJust some lines about what we are feeling and we are done :)Hugs Iya .. take care and have a nice time! Cheers!

  4. Iya says:

    >hey nikita – i am backMeria and Swaram – hugs to u both!!! got the message loud and clear!! and i am back..missed a few days..but as long as i can write now it should be gud..thanks so much.. love u both!!

  5. Monika says:

    >hugs lady i kind of agree with both swaram and meira … is there no scheduling option in blogger?

  6. Iya says:

    >no mon, no scheduling..but like i sadi, i wont be posting the weekedn..so it rather be ok now..

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