And then you know the Earth has fallen!! Post 20

So the guy I am married to is very finicky about the food he eats. He is a big foodie and therefore he is extremely touchy about it. No, you can’t screw up. There are no bad food days. If the cook has messed up, the food remains untouched and promptly a phone call is made to order stuff from some or the other restaurant.

That’s one. The other very important aspect is that no dish can be repeated. Yeah, not even Rajma, not even Chicken curry. If he has eaten it ones, he won’t eat it again. No matter how nice it is, no matter how much is left, no matter how much I urge, cry and then threaten.In a household of 2 it’s rather difficult to cook the exact quantities, and that you will agree. But “LEFTOVERS” is a big no no.

Remember the doggy bags, the ones we use to get all that extra stuff packed from the restaurants?? Yeah, I miss them; I haven’t seen them since we got together.

One person is rather happy with this habit of my better half, and that’s the maid. She is the one who gets all the good stuff coz there are no takers for it in the Malhotra household.

I have tried in the past all tricks possible under the sun. From camouflaging the dish, to doing some major drama, to talking about the food wastage, to reminding him of all the poor children who sleep empty stomach and some more. Nothing has worked!!

The problem is he doesn’t fight. He just throws a tantrum, like a 4 yr old? Or he gets all cute in a way that tugs at my heart, or simply refuses to eat saying he isn’t hungry!! And the love sick girl I still am, I give in. That’s been the story of my life for the last 4.5 years and I have rather got used to it.

Now last week, there was Dal Makhani that was made for dinner by his Mom (I mentioned that in-laws are visiting). The next morning, mom suggested that she gave him the same Dal Makhani for breakfast as well. Me being me, said rather proudly, that Aman won’t even touch it. Right then our man walks into the kitchen and mom popped the question to him. And hold your breath ladies and gentlemen, HE AGREED. And then he ate it like it was the best thing he ever had!!! Praises and more praises.

Now, you my esteemed readers tell me, shouldn’t I be furious at this? Shouldn’t I bring the household down? For 4 years I have suffered. And now in front of my MIL this is what I get. I think its time to go on a strike!!

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14 Responses to And then you know the Earth has fallen!! Post 20

  1. Swaram says:

    >:P 😛 Update us in what u do 😉 😉

  2. >ohhh u shud go on a hunger strike – no food gets cooked at home till he agrees to eat leftover food (occasionally) .. while u my friend, can go out n enjoy 🙂

  3. Meira says:

    >Boy! He's pitted the daughter in law against her mother in law. Sparks are going to fly 😛

  4. Iya says:

    >Swaram – watch this space for more!!!!

  5. Iya says:

    >Shruti – good idea..he should get a taste of his own doing!!

  6. Iya says:

    >Meira – trust me on this!! he should know that this time he has hit below the belt!!

  7. Swaram says:

    >LOL Meira .. we all speak from experience huh psst psst 😉

  8. hitchwriter says:

    >Buhahahaha… !!!!!! Maaa maaa hai… !! Biwi Biwi Hai !!!!!! ROFL !!!!!

  9. Iya says:

    >@ Swaram – dont we all?? sabki kahani ek hi hai!!@ Hitchy – wahi toh, biwi biwi hai, and if she decides to trouble u toh maa bhi kuch nahi kar sakti!!

  10. Meira says:

    >rofl at your reply to Hitchy. You're SO right 🙂

  11. Monika says:

    >ha ha ha i am looking forward to the story hereafter

  12. >@Hitchwriter – it's more like mom's here for a short while so one is tactful, but rest of the time it's his own house and his own kitchen.

  13. Iya says:

    >Monika – what story mon, i am behaving myself as in laws are still here..IHM – u are taking his side ?? nahiiiiiii

  14. >Hahahhahaaha Oh man!!! I can soooooooo relate to it!! My hubby is a foodie too!! The good part is that he throws tantrums only when his mom is around, else with me, he happily eats what i cook and then later tells me if i tried something differently!! 🙂 Sweetheart, he is 🙂 TW! 🙂

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