>Gucci or Shakespeare – Post 25


What would you rather be – “rich and uneducated” or “poor and educated” ??
Is it preferable to have a Prada without even knowing how to pronounce it or would you be rather be reading a battered 3rd version of a classic?
If education is just a means to prosperity then why is wealth without one considered vulgar??
Go on tell me, what would you rather be??
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10 Responses to >Gucci or Shakespeare – Post 25

  1. Swaram says:

    >Educated 😀

  2. Monika says:

    >now that i have exprienced being poor and educated how abt the other one 😉

  3. Iya says:

    >Anu – i bet!!Swaram – really? interesting…Monika – why not..good idea..is someone listening?

  4. Meira says:

    >Poor and educated does sound like a good answer but I'l take rich. Nobody cares for an educaton these days! I'l miss the books though

  5. Iya says:

    >Meira – thanks for being honest.. but why do u care that no one cares for the educated??

  6. Meira says:

    >Look at the kind of jobs we educated people hold 😦 How unfair, no? Underpad and overworked all the time

  7. Iya says:

    >that i agree.. majorly over worked and really underpaid..

  8. Pinku says:

    >good question….I think i will go with rich and uneducated..once i have the money i can buy some books and also some honorary PhD's 😉

  9. Iya says:

    >Good idea Pinku. money surely can but everything 😉

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