Of This and That

I feel the need to do another Blog Marathon. Only then will I be regular here. Truthfully I miss this place. But life is just running past me, while I huff and pant and try to catch up. It’s fun, it’s stressful, it’s confusing, but it’s worth every bit.

Yeah so coming to the Marathon bit, anyone ready to join??
Moved to Singapore and settling in. Found a flat and shifted in last week as well. It still looks alien, the kitchen, the bedroom, the living area. It’s all mine and yet nothing belongs to me. But what’s fun is the settling in part. It’s just like the good old days when Aman and I were just married and were building our lives together. The place is pretty comfortable, furnished with all the essentials. So we are basically saved from the hassle of buying a lot of stuff. Now the hunt for a maid has started. Hopefully I shall be blessed soon.
It wasn’t easy to give up a well settled comfortable life back in Bangalore and come to this not so far land. It had its own set of uncertainties, its own sets of odds. But we took the plunge. And so far it’s been good.
We attended a barbecue party a couple of days after we had landed here. It was predominated by Indians and most of the women present there were non-working mums. And never before have I been in the company of so many non working mums. Therefore the generalization I am trying to draw here might be completely off track and for that don’t bite me please. Yeah, so coming to this group, there was just 1 bachelor amongst them and all these women were trying to convince him to get married. And the entire spiel was around how he could get good food and ironed clothes. How he didn’t need to bother about maid and cleaning once he got a wife. I mean, it was appalling!! How could they speak like that?? And being women at that!!! My better sense prevailed and before I could break a few skulls and I quietly slipped out and joined the men where they were discussing cricket and beer. Ha, so yeah, Singapore is no different from India!!
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8 Responses to Of This and That

  1. Swaram says:

    >LOL 😛 U did a gud thing by getting away from there ;)U r inspiring me to do the marathon too 😛 😛

  2. Iya says:

    >lets do swaram.. lets make more ppl join in and do it.. last time was too much fun!

  3. soul speaks says:

    >Hi Iya, Great to see that you have settled down well. Missed your posts all the while. Good that you escaped the conversation and joined some interesting talks :)take careRekha

  4. soul speaks says:

    >Hi Iya, Great to see that you have settled down well. Missed your posts all the while. Good that you escaped the conversation and joined some interesting talks :)take careRekha

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. Prathima says:

    >Hi Iya,Even I had started writing in my blog after seeing your site.But after few posts I got bored. May be I can also join in for a marathon which will help me be more regular:)

  7. Iya says:

    >Thanks souls!!Prathima – yeah yeah.. we should!

  8. Anonymous says:

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