This happens only in Singapore..


This happened 2 days back, it was pretty late by the time we got out of office. Late enough to throw out of the window, the idea of going home and cooking. So we decided to finish mundane responsibilities like feeding ourselves till we burst and then heading home to crash on the super comfortable new mattress we just bought. Ah the mattress, I tell you, is like a sucker of all aches and stress. I actually wake up fresh as a daisy. The old one that the land lady gave us was like that inflated bouncer children play on. Can’t say what we went through with that!!! But I digress.

Coming back to what happened two days back. We decided to have dinner and choose this cute little bistro right below my office. The weather was good, quite unlike Singapore, so we decided to sit out. We placed our order, food came, the server left us alone and we ate and ate and ate. And then we got up, got into a cab and left. Pretty normal, if you ask me? Ha, only one slight deviation. We forgot to pay the bill in fact we even forgot to call for the bill. This we realized only after we had reached home and had settled on the said comfortable mattress.

Now like any other  responsible people, we should have gone back and paid them first thing next day, which we wanted to do, but we didn’t, because we were super busy, after all the Singapore economy will crumble down if we get late to work.  And then we forgot about it. Till today when we sat in a café right next to the said bistro sipping the high on calorie cappuccino. And then this server came to us. I had visions of her calling the cops and handcuffing us. But, ladies and gentleman, before we could start apologizing, she started saying sorry, first for interrupting our coffee and then for asking us for her truly deserved money. I almost fell of my chair. She relentlessly kept saying she was sorry and I kept saying the same. In the end no one knew who the guilty was.  Matter ended peacefully!! I am so going back to this place; this time will pay up at the start of the meal though!
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9 Responses to This happens only in Singapore..

  1. masood says:

    >Good stuff. Next time take me with you 😀

  2. >wow. that must have felt all strange rt? 🙂 But nice of them to be courteous abt it. … err pics of the mattress pls.

  3. Monika says:

    >ha ha ha u might have got beaten up here 😉 nice of them

  4. krunalc says:

    >hmm… I hvn't been through such experience so far. May b coz, I pay up my bills every time without fail. :)Btw, the ur blog's new look is cool. Much better than previous.

  5. Iya says:

    >Masood – do u think there will be a next time?Mindful – very strange, and embarrassing. Matress, picture? have put up some shoes pictures though..Monika – very nice, i thought i wud get to see the police station,,krulanc – thanks, and no i dont do this as a was my first time!

  6. roop says:

    >ouchh!! hahahaknowing me, i would've got out of my mattress immediately and gone back there. if they were closed, i'd leave a check with a note. or a phone number they could call me on. im silly like that.

  7. Swaram says:

    >Take me pls and pay mine too ;)Humanity thrives bcoz of them folks!

  8. Prats says:

    >That would have been embarrassing….Just trying to imagine what would it be like if this incident happened in India 😉

  9. Iya says:

    >@ roop – u make me seem so bad!! blahhh…@ Swaram – ya ya, next time come and bail me out then..@ Prats – very embarrassing!!

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