To India


Come Friday and we are off to India. Our first trip home since we moved to Singapore last year and the occasion is as joyous as it can get. Its Aman’s brothers wedding. Which means there will be much family time, finger licking food, clothes, jewelry, dancing, singing and the works!

Yes, yet another Big fat Punjabi wedding. And since I am the one and only Bhabhi (sister-in-law) there is much to look forward to. I have always been a great fan of Indian traditions and I know that there are times when we will go overboard with stuff. And maybe in retrospect we will think if there was a point in all the extravagance. But as of now, I just want to go with the flow of the celebrations.

So shopping for gifts has been done for some selective set of relatives. Buying gifts for all wasn’t an option. It would have emptied our pockets and we would have ended up paying for extra baggage too. So we decided to act sane and buy gifts for some of the folks. The remaining shall be gifted on our next trip.

As for my shopping for the wedding, it’s non-existent. I obviously cannot buy Indian clothes from here. So all my shopping which is like a lot will happen in India. I have less than 24hrs in Delhi to pick up as much as I can. It would be an understatement to say I am nervous. From my past experiences it takes but a week or so of dedicated effort to get the entire ensemble ready. And here I have just a couple of days, so tell me how on earth I do it. I need nothing less than a miracle to help me sail through. And no this is no drama, and I am so hoping that the ladies out there will understand! Send some prayers my way will you??

But keeping this earth shattering problem aside, I am super duper excited. I am so looking forward to welcome a new member to Malhotra household. And obviously there are very few things in the world like a Punjabi wedding you see. And you got to attend one to know what I mean. And I get to meet my parents too who will be very much part of the wedding so that’s the added bonus. All in all, looking forward to some major fun, provided I get my clothes ready, else there will be one grumpy, irritated me and that’s no good person to deal with! 
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14 Responses to To India

  1. mindflirting says:

    >I faced a similar situation when I went for bhaiyya's wedding in October 2010. I had to pick u my outfit shoes and so many things in less than half a day. But the ten days in India were the bestest ever!

  2. Prathima says:

    >a day for wedding shopping! that's impossible task! what about the stitching,alterations etc etc..:-( All the best Iya:)Have fun at the wedding

  3. Swaram says:

    >Woohoo! What fun 🙂 Shop well, haffun and post pics soooon. Can't wait to see them 😛

  4. Iya says:

    >MD – so u know what i mean! i am so tensed, having sleepless nights…hehe, ok thats exaggeration!Pratima – nahi, mujhe aur mat daarao!!Swaram – there will be tonnes of pictures.. wait babes!

  5. Deeps says:

    >Wow, looks like a lot of fun and frolic awaiting you! Have a wonderful time, Iya and come back with loads of memorable experiences nd snaps, of course, to share 🙂

  6. Monika says:

    >I so know the excitement that precedes a marriage I am going thru that 😉

  7. Prathima says:

    >Nahin Iya, dara nahin rahin hun:-) I am sure you will manage it 🙂 Have a great time in India . I have never been to a Panjabi wedding , but have heard a lot about it;) Enjoy !!

  8. roop says:

    >that is such a gorgeous picture, Iya, and i am JEALOUS! : (

  9. Iya says:

    >prathima – come for this one :)Roopie – come babes, come as an NRI with a nice big Cammera and accented Punjabi and see how much bhav u get..

  10. Pinku says:

    >hey good luck with the shopping girl…start early in the day and have a clear idea of what you are looking for…u should do ok…In case u are shopping for lehengas and sarees…go to Meena bazaar…they will stitch and give blouses in a day if u need them to.ditto for alterations.

  11. Anonymous says:

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  12. Anonymous says:

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  13. >This is sameer. Aman's brother – Ankur Malhotra's friend. I had mailed you in mail id. please check that its important and urgent..hope for a support

  14. Raam Pyari says:

    >lols!Enjoy your india trip! I miss like crazy even though I do two trips a year….

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