Stop before you grow fat


Because losing weight is not an easy task!!!
So I have been on this Low Carbohydrate diet for over two weeks now. The diet has enough merits and claims to do wonders. So far the weighing scale hasn’t moved in the direction which would have given me any pleasure. But to be fair, I do feel good. Major detoxification has happened. After all being off carbs, dairy and sweets doesn’t leave one with too much choice.

Honestly, I think this is a very good diet to follow, but what works against me is my work timing. This kind of dieting needs a bit of planning, where in one can prepare and cook suitable stuff. Or where one has some help at hand. Since having moved to Singapore I have been bereft of a cook and my work hours are fairly long. This means in most cases I either starve or eat things not allowed. But I am trying to cope and thanks to Monika and 2 more wonderful ladies I am able to do some bit of it. You girls rock and if not for you all I would have given up on day 2.

The diet is surely giving me misplaced illusions and crazy dreams where in I dreamt of gorging Jalebis and eating noodles and drinking coffee. The other day I caught myself sucking at that lone piece of dark chocolate and refusing to swallow it. Next will be when I start staring at people and their food in restaurants and food courts and then surely I will be labeled as a lunatic and thrown out of the country. Ah, well!
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12 Responses to Stop before you grow fat

  1. Swaram says:

    >Hugs girl! Take care of ur health too. Don't starve 🙂

  2. Monika says:

    >hugs iya as i have said to u before DONT starve urself that will do u no good…eat enough darling and we will be fit together

  3. Meira says:

    >sabar ka phal healthy hota hai 😀 The husband's on a diet too, and I'm giving him company. If Monu's giving you suggestions, you're on the winning team already…her recipes look fabulous! PS: I've got some sugar-free gum. keep chewing gum to keep the hunger pangs at bay

  4. Ekta says:

    >Good luck Iya… I too need to shed some so I can completely understand how difficult it is…

  5. mindspace says:

    >swimming, gymming or plain running? but u mention u are hard pressed on time as it is.. hmmm.. good luck Iya.. I am sure u wont be too harsh in terms of feeding urself 🙂

  6. Iya says:

    >@swaram – yes sweety, trying!!@monika – Tight hug back!Cheers to fitness…@meira -her recipes are too good, i just wish i had some time on hand to make them. happy weight loss to ur husband..@ekta – thanks and same to u!@tara – swimming will be resumed once i move to new house. this one doesnt has a pool

  7. Shweta says:

    >Iya di give me some tips too.. i need to reduce loads before my wedding :(BTW, Good Luck sweets 🙂

  8. Prathima says:

    >All the best Iya:) btw, which diet are you following?

  9. soul speaks says:

    >Hi iya, All the best, I even liked what Rujuta Divekar has suggested in her book first book. It takes time, but it keeps you from starving and seems to be good. take care.

  10. Rishi Bhatia says:

    >I'm not trying to demotivate you, but is it worth the pain taken.. 😉

  11. Maxim says:

    >For me its the other way!!! Please someone tell me how do I gain weight… sob sob 😦 :(MaximInoVVorX

  12. Iya says:

    >you are fine miss shweta!!Prathima – i was on low carn diet. but last 2 weeks have been crazy with holidays and World cup..soul speaks – thanks, let me try that!Rishi – it is, and u should also lose some!Maxim – you are one lucky person then!

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