Diamonds, anyone?? Post 7

I don’t fail to surprise myself every now and then. Is it that I evolve or is it that I change? Or worse still, is it that I get influenced? I don’t know, but whatever it is, it does make me eat my words.

I have never been a jewelry person.  Growing up years in a strict convent school meant small studs or an earring, that’s about it. In college it was mostly a thin gold chain and a much understated finger ring, that too because my grandmother insisted on buying it for me and then I wore it out of love.
What I liked and enjoyed was silver jewelry which my mom firmly believed was an absolute waste.

Even when marriage was fixed I was least bothered about what mom was doing in regards to my wedding jewelry. I did tell not to waste much money on it but I think that suggestion fell on very deaf ears. She wanted me to come home from Bangalore to select my own jewelry but neither had I the time nor the inclination. Ditto for my MIL, for even she wanted me to come home to select my jewelry. But I kindly excused myself.  So basically I had no role to play in buying or selecting the jewelry I am most likely stuck for the rest of my life. So that was my interest level and I did make my opinion quite clear to all and sundry in as verbal a manner as it fits a bride!!

But then something happened like about 2 years back and suddenly I was enlightened and mesmerized by the world of jewelry and precious metals. Unexpectedly, from being a boho who loved her silver I was keenly looking at diamonds. That was my initiation into the world of buying and storing jewelry. That was when I dragged my MIL to the bank locker to have a look at what all I had. And least to say, I was floored. I had no idea what pretty stuff both she and my mom had given me for my wedding.

I still don’t wear it on regular basis but yes I have started to plan my annual buys. And I do look for opportunities to pick some piece or the other every now and then. I never thought I would be “into” jewelry, but I guess I was wrong.  Now I can talk about it, I understand its value and enjoy it. Is this too part of growing up? Not sure, but as of now I am surely enjoying it!!
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15 Responses to Diamonds, anyone?? Post 7

  1. >I guess it is part of growing up. I still don't wear much jewelry, but I do buy a lot of junk ethnic stuff everytime I go to Kolkata. I don't like gold yet, still prefer silver.

  2. >Btw, love the new header. It's beautiful.

  3. Life Begins says:

    >I am with you on that growing up path – from giving a damn to jewellery to looking for a chance to buy some :)I do like the statement – "Diamonds are a girl's best friends" though not agreeing completely – as yet!!

  4. >A wonderful post. enjoyed reading it. This got me thinking that blogging is one way to track the trajectory of our growth /change that we go through in life and to appreciate it as well

  5. D says:

    >I've always loved jewellery. I was weird as a kid – I used to ask my mom if she'll give me all her jewellery when I grow up!! LOL! Now, I want brand new stuff 😉

  6. Prathima says:

    >Not much into jewels except one.. platinum+diamond ring, I am searching for the one which I would say "wow" the moment I look at it(from so many years!! believe it or not!), but have not found it yet:(

  7. SMM says:

    >Same story here. I still prefer wearing silver or a simple gold chain with earrings or pear studs on a daily basis, but on functions and stuff I love to wear my jewelry. I bought a kundan set when I went to Hyderabad earlier this year. Now I have a particular design in mind for a ring and plan to buy that for myself soon 🙂

  8. chandni says:

    >I am and always will be a silver girl. I own diamonds, mostly because I am a baniya and you can't eswcape that, but never wear them, much to the horror of my mother 😛

  9. Swaram says:

    >Sigh! I realized their value much more than ever [not only money; but the love and feelings behind them], only when I lost most of my stuff during the robbery at home 😦 I Luv pearls, rubies diamonds – tiny, delicate pieces in them 🙂

  10. Mumbai Diva says:

    >nah, no jewellery for me either. I prefer statement pcs in bright colored stones.however, was adamant on getting a large diamond ring for the 10th wedding anniversary. hubby complied :). that was really my first purchase post marriage. most of the other stuff is what mom, mom in law and sundry other relatives put together on my marriage.Hope you're feeling better.

  11. Sneo says:

    >i guess its a prt of growing up or growing old. i felt a kind of metal and rock greed building in me around the time of my wedding. but once i came out of india, i felt i left it back home in Bangalore 🙂

  12. Iya says:

    >@ MM – you know i was like that, buying random silver. but now i am a changed woman. you know i monitor gold price..yeah yeah… and the header is a old one, was made by a friend. i had used it for sometime and then removed it. now added it back!!@ Life Begins – oh for me "diamonds are one among the many best friends a girl can have"@ Annie – Thanks hon! it is.. blogging is for self as well. to come back and read and either feel silly or laugh out loud or to get all nostalgic!

  13. Iya says:

    >@ D – LOL, i use to like it when mom wore her stuff but i never was inclined to wear any myself back then… @ Prathima – u will surely find it soon. i found the perfect solitaire ring for myself when i was visiting india sometime back!@ SMM – yes i know about ur Kundan set.. i got a lovely one made for BIL's wedding.. its swoon worthy!!

  14. Iya says:

    >@ Swaram – what?? this is terrible.. awww, i can feel ur pain..@ Mumbai Diva – even that qualifies as jewelry, precious stones! i am into all sorts, but mostly diamonds. my wish list does include a Sapphire ring and a ruby set! soon baby soon!And large diamond sounds lovely. I got a solitaire too for the 5th aniv. its beautiful, single solitaire placed in between a band of small diamonds!!

  15. Iya says:

    >@ Sneo – ah well, i have left Bangalore but i am still into it! lets see if this too dies down!!@ Chandni – i was also like that!!and i still love silver. but who says i cant have multiple loves at the some time!!

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