Of Marks and students – Post 14

The 10th board exams results have been announced and my cousin has scored 92%. Of course I am elated and these brilliant marks are not the only reason. I am thrilled because here is a girl who has scored not because her parents forced her to study, but because she wanted to. Here is a case of the most carefree set of parents one can come across and their academically brilliant child.

I have known this girl ever since she was born and I have pretty much seen her grow up. Not once do I recall seeing her mother, who happens to be a teacher herself, fret about her studies. She was conscious of her studies and that’s about it. And she also happens to be a single child.

Our growing up was no different. Studies and good marks were important for both me and my sister and we did well. But we were never pressurized. It was always about giving the best shot.

It scares me when I read newspapers about children committing suicide post results. Imagine the kind of pressure that builds upon them to take such drastic steps? And to what purpose? I have just one question to these parents – why are they so marks obsessed. Will it help them if I say that the toppers from my school are earning less than me at this point of time? That is, if they consider high marks are sure shot equivalent to a successful career.

My parents and my cousin’s parents are not a minority and I am aware of that. But there sure is a group of parents who do make marks a very big deal. And no these are not from the lower strata of the society for whom it’s important that children do well to ensure that one day they have a comfortable living too.  I am talking about those parents for whom the marks their children score are another feather in their already illustrious cap. Parents who would rather brag about how brilliant their offspring is? And therefore the pressure is duly passed onto the children forcing them to take such drastic actions.

Yet another sad reality which has now stopped surprising me but pains me nonetheless. There really is much beyond scoring the highest marks and I hope parents soon realize it.

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11 Responses to Of Marks and students – Post 14

  1. D says:

    Oye, I’ve blogged about the same thing!! Great minds think alike 😀

  2. Swaram says:

    Sigh! I wish so too!

  3. Couldn’t agree more! Marks are not the indicators of professional or personal success.
    You moved to wordpress, too? Will come back and comment on older posts when I have some time.

    • Iya Bhatia Malhotra says:

      so true and so many toppers i know are leading a perfectly mediocre life!

      Yes moved to WP, counldnt handle the blogger issues this time!

  4. well said iya, I every year when the results come my heart starts beating faster

  5. Okey on this I read one very good tweet message on this topic. It goes something like ( I don’t remember exact wordings) ….

    “Result day classifies the students in two groups : one who scores above 90s n other the bunch of duffers”

    So such is the state of the society today. We are forced into the rat race somehow.

  6. Love this blog. SO TRUE! The pressure to get good marks overshadows the childs true abilities to succeed way beyond what a letter is saying they are capable of. Also, I believe now and days with all the facebooking, texting, etc. they r not doing as well as they actually could. In fact I just blogged how I am not allowing my 14 yr old to sit home and rott all summer.

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