10 Things that make me smile – Post 25

When you have to write a post everyday gems like below ought to come out, now bear with me!

  1. Rain, specially the untimely ones!
  2. Tiramisu, especially from Margaritas!
  3. Shoes, especially new ones and high heels!
  4. Beach, especially on a full moon night!
  5. Fresh flowers in my home
  6. Shopping for books – the smell of new books is lovely!
  7. Early morning Breeze – right when I open my eyes, switch off the AC and open the windows!
  8. Late night walks, post dinner, when conversation flows!
  9. 2:00 am coffee and Maggi while watching a movie
  10. Soaking myself in the bathtub of hot water with drops of lavender oil

There are many more things, but then that’s fodder for next post.

ps: please to note I have kept out “human beings” from that list! Another day, another post!

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10 Responses to 10 Things that make me smile – Post 25

  1. Bharti says:

    O lovely,

    lavender oil in bath…love love love
    Tiramisu – too :0 🙂
    Ok i want one now….it will happen this evening heheheh
    have a lovely weekend.

  2. It’s been ages I guess I haven’t seen a movie late night and havn’t relaxed. Every day the same schedule sleep at 11 wake up at 5.30..Oh I wish we could do these things more….:) Lovely list 🙂

  3. Nice …
    i share 1,4,6,9 …….I also love the fragrance of the smell of new books…..Besides 9 is my favorite….

  4. Swaram says:

    Whoa! There’s another one cmg 🙂 iLike 🙂

  5. anu says:

    how good was the stew?

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