Versatile and Lovely – The Awards – Post 29

Earlier this month, my darling Monika gave me 2 awards and I kept the announcement part of them for a day when I was clueless on what to post, ah, I do plan you see. So thank you my lady for these awards, they have come after a while and I love them.

The first is the Versatile Blogger award – accepted gracefully and passed on to the crazy team of NaBloPoMo. Rules say I have to state some random facts about me, so here they are:

  1. I shampoo my hair every day, no exceptions here.
  2. I don’t like lending books. You can have my clothes, even my shoes. But please don’t ask for my books.
  3.  Whenever I see a low flying aircraft the first thought that comes to my mind is that it is going to hit a skyscraper.
  4. I can listen to the same song in a loop for days together and not get bored.
  5. I have to know where Aman is at any point of time. Don’t confuse this with being possessive or nagging. I just need to know where geographically he is. Else I get very restless.

The second one is the Lovely Blogger award. And I pass this to Dipika(Mumbai Diva), Supriya and Chandni. I am digressing from the rules here, and creating my own new rules. It’s simple – list down the last 5 compliments you received.

  1. My HR manager in office told me this morning that I have lovely eyes and it looks like I am wearing mascara all the time.
  2. I met an old Chinese woman in the office lift and she started talking to me. While exiting the lift she turned around and told me “you are really beautiful”
  3. This morning Aman told me that I smelled very nice. It was the combination of my new shower gel and body butter (curtsey – Body Shop)
  4. Yesterday a fellow blogger left a comment on my blog – “Hi Iya, loved each post of yours in this blog marathon. Keep it up dear.. l wish I could write like you..”
  5. Yesterday I was talking to a friend about buying a kindle and she said that she didn’t associate me with a gadget like Kindle. She thinks that I am the kind who loves to hold her books and the feel of it. I have never told this to her in as many words. So this is the impression she has of me, and this surely is a compliment.

I also got awarded on IHM’s blog – The Prestigious Yellow Polka Dotted Cup and this one I don’t have to pass around!

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20 Responses to Versatile and Lovely – The Awards – Post 29

  1. mubarak ho 🙂 loved reading the random points

  2. Bharti says:

    That random things list was lovely to read… you really shampoo everyday?? WOW…

    And yes…lovely compliments…:) Happiness in tiny bundles – isn’t it?

  3. Pinku says:

    congrats and congrats again…and yet again.


    so did Aman’s compliment lead somewhere naughty? 😉

    or is that another blog post?

  4. dipikasingh says:

    thank you. thank you. 🙂

    and i agree. you really are a lovely blogger. you write straight from the heart.

  5. Anita Menon says:

    congrats and deservedly so. I have enjoyed all your posts.. and am actually sad that this daily blogging thing has come to an end.

  6. Prathima says:

    I was away on long weekend. now trying to catch up on blogs. Lovely awards and you deserve it. Shampoo everyday,body shop products.. looks we do have things in common:)

  7. SupMM says:

    And thanks for the lovely award 🙂

  8. Swaram says:

    Congratulations and thanks for the award too 😀 😀
    Such random compliments are welcome anytime 😀

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