Why the accent? Post 30

And that too, when you just landed in the USA like a week back? And anyways, what is the big deal in the US accent? Why couldn’t you be just proud of your natural diction and pronunciation, which according to me was pretty decent? But no, you went there and you have already acquired the great American accent in less than a week. I am sure you never learnt anything this fast ever.

So “Coffee” is already “Caw-Ffee” and “you all” is already “y’ll” and so on and so forth!! sigh, such fakeness?? And why do I have to endure it? Why?

You might think you are sounding very cool and all your relatives and friends back home are mighty happy that one from their clan has made it across to the better world. Really, well done, but please for heaven’s sake, cut that fake accent. You aren’t getting it right anyways. And it just leaves you in the middle of nowhere.

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26 Responses to Why the accent? Post 30

  1. Alva says:

    lol…..some learning curve there 🙂

  2. kamini says:


  3. Shilpa Garg says:

    But the point is, how will others know that you are US returned!!? 😀

  4. Smitha says:

    LOL! I have to agree with Shilpa on this 🙂 How will others know 🙂

  5. Prathima says:

    I don’t know how people manage to get that accent. . It sounds so artificial!

    • Iya says:

      its ok if you get it after living somewhere for a long time. thats natural. but in a week?? now thats a little unbelievable..

  6. booboosmamma says:

    ok, inspite of knowing that i will attract brickbats, there are two kind of people, one who can mimic and one who cannot. the ones who cannot will not. but the ones who can start doing it without even realizing it. you put me in the middle of any community and within a few hours i will start sounding like them. i dont make an effort, it comes. when i was in cyprus i started sounding like a cypriot and may be one cld say i sounded fake but i cannot help it. recently i made friends with a dilli ki ladki and there you go i am talking like a dilliwali. on the other hand my husband still sounds the same as he was like 10 years back. BTW if you talk to me, you cannot figure out what part of india i belong to.

  7. SupMM says:

    The funniest are those whom back with an accent after going to drop off someone at the airport 😛

  8. Nancy says:

    U knw Iya this irritates me to no end……& more so coz we have some in our family who do this :D. I have friends who have been in the US for more than 6 yrs and still manage to sound cultured without sounding American or Indian. And there r people who’ve been there 6 months & come back saying ‘daaallars’ and ‘Gaawd’…my kids have asked them directly on their face abt it[innocently ofcourse] & I had to turn my face away to hide my smile 😀

  9. Roop Rai says:

    Can I at least have it? :p

  10. suchismita says:

    You know, thats always bothered me too.. but then again, I think we are not too proud to be ourselves…… and therein lies the problem. Try telling someone that you had the chance to be overseas and you opted for India and their reaction is ‘Why?’ I guess it the same thing that produces the accent. Nice post!

  11. Kalyan says:

    You want to hear accents? Come to a coffee shop at bandra

  12. ittakestime says:

    I have been in the states for quite some time now and people still correct me when I say “Malibu” and not “Maaaaaalibu” , and reply “When for past 3 years you can’t get my name correctly why should I bother? ”

    And can I say I like the reaction 🙂 (Insert evil laughter there )

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