I have been Twilighted

After vehemently ignoring “The Twilight Saga” books and the subsequent movies for as long as I could remember, I finally gave in. And am I glad that I did?? Just the other day while book shopping, something made me finally buy Twilight and New Moon along with some other books that I bought. I don’t know what that something was, because ever since I can remember these books used to be on top on the best seller racks and I never ever picked them. But that Saturday morning, it was like my hands automatically went to them and before I knew I was paying for them at the counter.

I am a hopeless romantic. I always knew that and the way I have been feeling about these books, it just goes on to prove that I am incurable as well. I started with Twilight last week, and didn’t get much time through the weekdays to read it. Finally, this Friday is when I had those needed hours and I finished it through the night. The first thing I did on Saturday morning was to watch the movie. As soon as the movie got over I started with the New Moon and finished it by Sunday evening. Stepped out only twice through the weekend to have some lovely dinners. I am on the third book, Eclipse, already. And itching to finish it but will have to wait till I get home.

You know what I love about these books so much – the fact that I can relate to how Bella Swan feels!! Absolutely, I know what she feels, the way her heart flutters and the way her mind is preoccupied. I am there. I know miracles happen. I have one, my own personal miracle. Sometimes I wake up in the night to just watch him sleep, and then I delicately touch him to remind myself that this is not a dream. Never before could I relate, at this depth, to the protagonist in the hundreds of books I have read. But this one time I can. And that’s what is making my heart ache when I read these books.

The way the books have been written is extremely simple, the language, the narration, the tone and the plot. After all they are meant for teenagers. And here I am in the last leg of my twenties, week in the knees, mushy in the heart, and all swooning over them. And then I curse myself for not having read these books and seen the movies earlier.  But then I thank my stars that I did pick them up. It’s been a while I have so thoroughly loved something I have read and seen.

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23 Responses to I have been Twilighted

  1. pixie says:

    I am yet to read the Twilight saga.. somehow, haven’t been too keen!
    Will probably cave in and read the books! 🙂

    • Iya says:

      Same here Pix, i wasn’t keen. And now that i am at the third book already, i cant wait to finish them and then the movies. i don’t know how much you will like them. they are pretty simple. i am loving them for a totally personal reason..

  2. Anita Menon says:

    I saw the movies first and I couldn;t get through them. So never bothered with the books. YOu might have just changed my mind.

  3. Meira says:

    I loved the first book. Somehow the interest drained away as I finished the series. But the first one, I still love!

  4. Aah, I loved everything about it. i saw the movie first then I thought i should give it a try and started reading those books. Finished and read all, i miss it now :/ Seen the movies zillion times and still waiting eagerly for November 18 😛

  5. oh I well I say the 16 yr old girl in this almost 35 yr old loved it 😀 but as I said on twitter with each book the interest dimnishes.. the last one is pretty passable but the first is brilliant

    • Iya says:

      Mon, i am half way through the third one and still as dreamy about it. the book might not be any literary great shake, but i am at a different plane all together. Its too damn personal.. maybe i shudnt have written a post at all. i dont seem to have done any justice !!

  6. Palka says:

    I agree Iya… i’m one of those mushy readers as well… loved every bit of it!!!!…. Cant wait for the next movie… the books are yummy… 🙂

    • Iya says:

      yes Palka, absolutely yummy. i am done with all the books and also with unfinished draft of Edwards version of Twilight. and yes all 3 movies. now the wait for Nov begins..

  7. Prathima says:

    I know how it feels reading the first book/second book. You travel to different romantic zone where everything around you looks romantic.:) But, I suggest you not to read read Breaking dawn , romantic zone gets thinner by each book and the breaking dawn just bursts the bubble.

  8. Tan says:

    First time here….Hoped in from Reflections.

    I have seen these books in various book shops but never got myself to read those. Somehow, I feel I will get bored. I am also a mushy person and I read the mushy novels by Nicholas Sparks. Let me wait till I feel like reading the Twilight Series.

    • Iya says:

      Thanks for coming here and hope to see you around!
      you know i did the same, i saw them like forever but never bought them, but when i finally did i knew what i was missing.

  9. dipikasingh says:

    have seen the movies. not read the books. but know exactly what you mean about knowing what Bella feels. Maybe I will pick up the book.

  10. I loveddddd reading the Twilight too.. but somehow as always,I feel the movies don’t do enough justice to the books.. may be because they have to fit everything in a 90 minute slot!!
    But.. yesssssss.. loved loved loved reading it!!
    How are you doing?

    • Iya says:

      hey, true true! i felt the same. they are all pathetic actors, specially kristen stewart..books are much much better..

  11. Sneo says:

    Hey Iya,
    I am exhibiting my art works at Substation on 2 July 2011. Do come by and pass on the link your network in Singapore


  12. Sunshine says:

    its rare to find someone above the age of 16 praising the twilight series! and here i find a whole bunch! i absolutely loved the books; and like u said, i think the mushiness & romanticism of the books totally appealed to my 16-year old persona! my fav from all 4 books is the 1st & the 4th! 🙂

    hopped here from Chandni’s blog…hello! 🙂

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