An ode to the “Act of Turning 30”

Turning 30 will be a big deal. It’s just around the corner and there is no escape. After having whined and cried my heart out, I got my act together and decided to be gracious about it and accept it with open arms, hug it tight and never let it go. After all post this decade I will be 40 something! So while I will surely miss being 20 something, there is also no denying that I will rock my 30’s too.

Phew, but it is a big deal. And I won’t be true to myself if I say otherwise. I loved being 20’s. It was a beautiful beautiful decade. If there is a color to it, I would say it was Red. But like everything else, even my gorgeous 20’s need to come to an end.

What will change and what won’t? Am I expected to act differently, look older, and speak wiser? How do I do that? I don’t even have enough time to prepare.  Or do I just go with the flow? Will I wake up on 14th July with wrinkles? Will I suddenly have to wear power spectacles? Will I have more of grey hair and weak knees? Do I stash up anti-aging creams, under eye gels and hair colors? Should I buy a health insurance? Should I now stop reading Twilights and Harry Potters? Is this how one prepares?

I am not sure. I don’t feel that different. But then maybe when the clock strikes 12 on the midnight of 13th July I will! I do hope to survive and live through it and be here to tell you all how different it feels.

As for the big birthday, the guy is going overboard to ensure I have the most memorable turn of decades. A holiday in Cameroon Highlands, Malaysia to begin with. More, later. Till then let me watch out for the signs!

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24 Responses to An ode to the “Act of Turning 30”

  1. Shweta says:

    I am very very sure that you’ll rock! Like forever.. Don’t you worry at all..
    Just enjoy life the way you always do.. You know.. if you get panicked.. what will happen to the people who take inspiration from you??? 😉
    Have a fun-filled vacation 🙂
    And loads of advance wishes for you.. Hugs!! 🙂

  2. Swaram says:

    Wow awesome! A holiday is a perfect start to anything and everything 😀

  3. Bharti says:

    Thats lovely. And thats a great holiday plan to begin.
    Welcome to the very hip-and-happening Big 3-O gang …ok ok…not today but in few days!!

  4. Monika Agarwal says:

    Strangely , I had none of those thoughts while turning 30 & now at 33 , I feel just like I used to 5 years back…… fact, life is fuller & happier than ever before!!.
    The littel I know of u, u’ll rock your thirties!! The holiday sounds fantastic.

    • Iya says:

      🙂 i hope once on the other side i will feel the same, but now i do fee like this is a big deal.
      although i am sure i will have a jolly good time, just the thought that i will be in my 30’s is delusional..

  5. masood says:

    My 30th is 3 months away and I am already freaking about it.
    Not easy to let go of the best phase of your life. I totally understand.
    But lets just be glad that we are turning 30 and not 40! :p
    And lets revisit this space 10 years from now 🙂

  6. welcome to 30’s the better side with someone who has been there for 5 yrs 🙂

  7. D says:

    Don’t bother doing any of that. 30, like all else, is just a number. Yes, the body does tend to undergo some changes when you cross over to the other side. But in the head and heart, it’s just a more secure time of your life to be in. You’ve lost the angst of the 20s and you’re quite happy being who you are. It’s fun! Trust me.

  8. Anita Menon says:

    Welcome to the club!! Its wonderful on this side too:-)
    You will rock whatever decade..20s, 30s, 40s,
    WIshing you a wonderful bday…in advance, a fantastic holiday and loads of happiness and luck.

  9. you’ll stay sweet and thats all that matters 😉

  10. anu says:

    hehhee.. waiting on the other side.. counting days.. hey i can see you coming.. c’mon cross the border now 🙂

  11. Munni says:

    My god just 4 years and 3 months to go

  12. Reema says:

    I turned 30 too on 22nd June. And posted this on my facebook wall –

    we will rock it! don’t worry!
    p.s. 30 or not get a health insurance anyway.

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