4 days into the big 3 and all looks ok!

Yep, it does. I am intact. No crumbling has happened. No arthritis has shown up. No new grey hair. And no wrinkles. This seems believable and something I can handle. And no, I don’t feel any different. I don’t feel any older and I don’t feel any more mature.

I did fret about this whole turning 30 business troubling my already troubled mind a bit too much. But as the day approached, I felt very calm about it, almost Zen like. I started to watch for signs and frankly didn’t find any. If A and I hadn’t made a big deal about it, and half the world hadn’t decided to wish me on FB and Twitter and smses and email and phone calls, the day would have come and gone without as much as me battling an eyelid. However the inevitable as happened and it feels as good as yesterday.

If only, I didn’t have a 20 something loitering around the house reminding me on every instance possible, how he is still in “his twenties” and how I have crossed the line!! Whatever!!

Now for how I made this memorable, first was the awesome holiday in Cameron Highlands, about which I wrote here and yeah, the pictures are up on FB. We did a pre b’day dinner at this really nice restaurant to be interrupted by the news of serial bomb blasts in Mumbai. Obviously we lost appetite, rushed home, called family to see everyone was ok and then got hooked onto the news. Slept with a heavy heart and woke up multiple times during the night to tune into news and confirm that nothing more had happened. And yes, I did thank my stars to be alive and witnessing my turning 30.

The d-day being a weekday had its disadvantages. But the awesome person I am lucky to be married too ensured that it was fantastic. So yeah, he got me to watch Harry Potter and those who know me, would know how happy and excited that would have made me. Also, just to reiterate, I watched it on 14th July at 4 pm Singapore time, which means it was way before you folks in US or UK or India did!!

Dinner was a pleasant surprise at this really up-market, fine dine Italian Restaurant, ilLido, a beautiful place by the golf course, overlooking the ocean. The food was delish and the company even more intoxicating! And if that was not enough, we had a barbecue party at home this Saturday. What happened there is dope for another blog post!

Ps: ah, the gifts, among the holiday, the movie and an excellent dinner, A got me a wonderful Spa Package which will be diligently used soon. And he is still not done so watch this space for more to come!!  My lovely friends got me a Guess watch.


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9 Responses to 4 days into the big 3 and all looks ok!

  1. Bharti says:

    That was lovely transition from 20s to 30 🙂 (Except for that unfortunate mumbai blasts)

    And awesome part was that you had some wonderful surprises lined up 🙂
    Enjoy your 30s 🙂

  2. Bharti says:

    And i want to see pics of Cameron Highlands holiday 🙂

  3. Belated birthday wishes!!

  4. D says:

    What did I tell you!

  5. jaya says:

    you are even more dramatic than my husband who fretted so much at the thought of turning 30. and yes me too had the same experience when i turned 30, husband got to tease me how he is still in his 20’s for a couple of years on that.

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