Signs of growing up??

I must have grown up somewhere down the line. And I didn’t even notice it till today when I went for a blood test all by myself. Like all alone. And I didn’t freak out. Not when I reached the hospital, not when the nurse made me wait and not even when she ushered me into the room.

And then she came with the needle and examined my vein. She shook her head and commented on how thin my skin was and that’s when I noticed that my vein was actually quite visible. She changed the needle to a much thinner one claiming a normal needle would rupture my skin and vein leading to a wound. And even then I didn’t panic.

When she was all set, I calmly turned my head to the other side and single mindedly focused on my blackberry. I felt the stab and it did pain, but even then I didn’t panic. And within 30 seconds she was done too. She showed me the vial full of my dark red blood, and although I did feel a bit queasy it was nothing more than momentary.

I hope you guys understand the gravity of this situation. First of all a blood test, to be done by a needle and that to without having Aman or mom to hold tight too!! Perfect recipe for a disaster, but ladies and gentlemen, I conducted myself with outmost grace. And this must mean only one thing. I have finally grown up. Sigh.

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16 Responses to Signs of growing up??

  1. It was about time 😛

  2. chandni says:

    it could have been me writing this 🙂

  3. SupMM says:

    I grew up when I had to get 5 injections in my mouth during my wisdom tooth extraction. That was painful and I also had no hands to hold on to 😦

  4. If I say something u will get angry I will say it nonetheless

    *wait till u have the baby to define whats pain*

    *runs away*

  5. Prathima says:

    I had to go alone once for tooth extraction and I made the life of people who could not join me miserable. I hated the experience, but now I can go alone if there is no other choice.
    Are you feeling alright?

  6. Shweta says:

    Di I still can’t go for a blood test.. and i know will never be able to.. even if someone is with me..
    Every time I am there for a blood test I FAINT! 😦
    Does that mean I will never grow up ?!?

  7. Mihir Shah says:

    Hi Iya very well written

    Even I had my own signs of growing up this weekend with slight difference that I felt I was growing old then growing up and it was not as poetic (holding hands!!!) as it in your case…..

    On Saturday I had gone for my regular hair cut to my neighborhood saloon , I have this god gifted ability to take a nap during the hair cut sessions, just that this time when I came out of my hibernation looking down on to my apron cover, I was flabbergasted to see 1 in 500 hair was a grey hair ( My occupation demands me to speak in numbers, its makes me sound intelligent !!!) I felt I woke up from my 31 years of sleep (in case your are wondering what is 31? that’s my age, please comment that I don’t look 31) I tried reasoning myself, is this the Mumbai pollution? or is it that I have been given used aprons and those are not my grey locks, I checked with the stylists, he with the sense of pride announced that their saloon maintains high standards of hygiene and those were indeed my ‘signs of growing’ I felt like cutting is tongue with his scissors, I tried calming my nevers. I peddled back home on my cycle I was 12km/hr faster (occupation again!!!) than the normal speed I usually peddle, I was trying to prove myself I am not that old and my heart can still pump that extra oxygen if required , I entered my residential complex, then this ‘life going back to normal incident’ happened, a neighborhood kid walked up to me and said Bhaiya ye cycle kitne ki hai? Read this line again…. He said ‘bhaiya’ and not ‘uncle’I felt like lifting him and hugging him but if I would have done that it would have made me look older, I settled with an enthusiastic victory clasp (younger gesture) with myself.

    When I came back to senses in the evening I had hearty laugh with myself and few Google searches informed me that what happened in the day was sign of what expert call it as ‘midlife – crisis’, it said 10% of American men suffer from this, I felt elevated to be equated with those 10% American men (we Gujarati’s love anything that makes us feel American)

    I request god to give me the same maturity and grace in which Iya ( and also those rest 90% American men) has embraced their ‘growing up signs’ ………Amen

  8. Pixie says:

    hugs babes!! Truly an awesome moment!
    I always need someone, anyone by my side when I go for a blood test!!
    went alone once – for company medical tests on a weekday and came home in near teras because there was no one to hold my hand when the blood was drawn!! :mrgreen:

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