Of new arrivals and a shoot!!

A post to let you know all is well. Parent in-laws reached Singapore last evening with loads of mouth watering sweets, savories and pickles. My kitchen and refrigerator are bursting in the seams. And my home is such a happy warm place now. Mornings will start earlier than usual and there will be a desire to wrap up work and be home at some sane time. Kitchen will smell more divine than it has in a year. All in all, it’s a cozy family thing going on. Aman and I will live like husband and wife for a bit now and not like 2 super busy people thrown in a live in relationship!!

There is another big news, which deserved a blog post of its own, but was missed due to the paucity of time thanks to a million things going on at work front and another million we try and fit into our 2 days weekends. My bestest friend is a mother now. She gave birth to the sweetest little girl ever. The little one already has more fans than she can handle. She will grow up to be such a charmer I tell you and a genius one at that. Touchwood! I posted a message on FB about her arrival and a hundred folks thought it was me who had delivered a baby! Well, if I was expecting, you guys would have know, I am not that good at keeping secrets. All of the dozen people, who read me, do send some good wishes for our little princess J

And this I have to share – both for the sake of sharing and for posterity. A kind soul I met through twitter and then in real life, happens to be a budding photographer and found A and me good enough to ask us to pose. And pose we did, more natural than anything else. It was a fun shoot, which happened after 4 hours of brunching. I had big plans of dressing up, getting my hair done and face painted a bit. But as it goes, I did nothing of that. Dressed simply and no makeup and messed up hair, but I still loved the results, all credit to Dipal!!

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8 Responses to Of new arrivals and a shoot!!

  1. Prathima says:

    Beautiful pics:) nazar na lage..

  2. asd says:

    You look so awesome in your profile pic, and so fat in the couple shoot 😀

  3. Swaram says:

    Bestest wishes to the little princess 🙂

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