Being Me

In love with life, with laughter, with the morning and the rain and the sun.
I am at that phase of life were sleeping is an absolute luxury and this is strange because as a kid I believed it to be the most awful way of spending time.

Zodiac says I am a cancerian.
Aman says I am unpredictable
Sis says I am as impatient as one can get
Well, I am still discovering myself.
And in the process, just loving it….

I have the honor of calling the most incredible person as my life partner. We live in Singapore and I work as a marketing professional. I did get an MBA some 6 year back.

In a nutshell – I am a marketer, reader, blogger, traveler, foodie. Crazy in love. Unpredictable n impatient. And yes, I love my high heels!!


3 Responses to Being Me

  1. ..and i love your header pic here…:)..very bright and happy…:)

  2. Bharti says:

    o lovely…good to see u on this new adda.. 🙂
    Just so u know..i am moving too.. Yes to wordpress 🙂 🙂

    I already have that for sometime…i think its time i move there officially :0)
    See u on new address soon….

  3. tanuanand says:

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you choose to accept, its all in here:
    Have always loved your writing! 🙂

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