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Shoes and my love for them…Post 22

…Seems to be growing every day. And Singapore is a shoe heaven, trust me, you have to shop here to know what I mean. I have blogged about some new ones that I bought here. I was surely kidding myself … Continue reading

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This is what they think about Indians – Post 21

Thanks to another interesting conversation with the taxi driver, I have some fodder for the blog! Taxi driver is a very interesting breed in Singapore and so I have said before. Most of them are old and have taken up … Continue reading

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Husband is a happy man this weekend…Post 19

Because yesterday I made him Sarsoon maach (Mustard fish curry) for lunch and today’s lunch was tender pieces of chicken cooked in yogurt and onion gravy. I don’t know if this dish has a name actually. The recipe is my … Continue reading

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Of men and the risks they take – Post 16

What makes men at powerful positions give in to momentary weaknesses and put at stake all that they have earned? There are number of such examples – Clinton, Woods, Arnold, Kahn and then our home grown Shiney. What could be … Continue reading

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And we reach the finale – Post 28

I did it. Yes, as successfully as I could. Skipped 2 days, first because it was this mad mad day and 2nd because I was a bit mad that day. Wrote every single day. Wrote about things I wouldn’t have … Continue reading

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>And the Day was made – Post 27

> Mornings are typical. Aman wakes me up in the warmest way possible. I scramble out of the bed, switch on the geyser, then the laptop and then collapse again to catch another precious 5 mins of sleep. While the … Continue reading

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>What do women want? Post 26

> Many a philosophers have spent a lifetime trying to figure this one out. Many a sages went through time to get the answers. But does anyone really know?? Here is my attempt to answer the question as I see … Continue reading

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>Gucci or Shakespeare – Post 25

> What would you rather be – “rich and uneducated” or “poor and educated” ?? Is it preferable to have a Prada without even knowing how to pronounce it or would you be rather be reading a battered 3rd version … Continue reading

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>Ain’t I lucky? Post 24

> Yesterday when I got home after work I found my MIL busy in the kitchen. She always is and one more person having a blast other than Aman and me is my cook. He comes, looks around, and finding … Continue reading

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From the eyes of a North Indian – Post 23

On the account of generalizing a bit I can say that for a typical north Indian, the four southern Indian states existed only in the geography books. Outside of books it was all “South India” or “Madras” to be more … Continue reading

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