This is why you should not have complicated names

A couple, both (un)blessed with really complicated names, had a baby girl. Now just to keep their identity confidential I will choose two fictitious names. So the Dad is called Ghayoor and the mother is named Zuebeda and trust me these are simpler compared to their actual names.

Now this couple has tried teaching the little girl how to pronounce her parents name for quite some time but in vain. Can’t blame the poor kid, can we?

Finally the day for her play school interview arrives. Now all parents here are aware of the typical line of questioning these play schools have. After the regular what’s your name, where do you live, what did you have for breakfast, came the mother of all questions – What’s your parents name?

The little girl in all her innocence replied “My papa’s name is Ravi and my mummy’s name is Usha”
On hearing this response Ghayoor fell of his chair and Zuebeda fainted. The principal on the other had checked and rechecked the form.

Ravi is the Driver of the family and Usha is the live-in maid. What can I say, but such is life!!!

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17 Responses to This is why you should not have complicated names

  1. my space says:

    >Lol!!That`s a good one..moral : stick to simple names, waise bhi naam mein kya rakha hain??

  2. Monika says:

    >lol!!! BTW that might not be fully because of the name… as my friend says if we are not there its ok for their daughter but the maid should be there… and they are not to be blamed too they spend most of the day with them

  3. roopscoop says:

    >like ghayoor, i fell off the chair reading this too. lol too funny!

  4. Solilo says:

    >LOL spilled my coffee on my laptop. LOL LOL Gosh! this is hilarious.

  5. Deeps says:

    >Hilarious!Had a very tiring day,but trust me,Iya..this post of yours sure had me in splits:)

  6. Jagjit says:

    >LMAO! Really poor kid and poorer parents 😛

  7. >LOL…..just can’t stop laughing 🙂

  8. Razigan says:

    >ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Iya says:

    >Thanks guys, and by the way this is not a figment of my imagination.. this actually happened with a friend’s friend..

  10. Mama - Mia says:

    >poor parents!!!! :pi betta not teach Cubby amma’s name! :pcheers!abha

  11. Iya says:

    >@ Abha – i am curious, whats Amma’s name??

  12. Dr Roshan R says:

    >hihi…thats hilarious. can’t imagine those parents faces.. PRICELESS

  13. Anonymous says:

    >hehehhe. poor kidCynic in Wonderland

  14. >If i may…your friends names are not actually that complicated are they? LOL

  15. Mampi says:

    >Hahahaha,Thank God for our simple names.

  16. Geetesh Jain says:

    >Lol… quite interesting 🙂

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